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National Society of Leadership and Success inducts students

At a banquet April 27, Adams State’s chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) celebratedtge induction of 37 student members. With a total of 197 members, 79 are fully inducted.

Four ASU students were recognized with NSLS’ highest leadership certificate, the National Engaged Leader Award, which is presented to those who go above and beyond the steps towards induction and perform community service. Adams State’s award recipients were Petra Lamla, Lauren Karlskin, Ariel Rangel-Pereira, and Seth Clock.

Keynote speakers for the evening were Alamosa Mayor Josef Lucero and Dr. Liz Hensley, asst. professor of marketing and an Alamosa City Councilor.

For information on the program and how students can get involved, contact NSLS Advisor, Assistant Director of Student Life and Leadership, Jeni Carter.

Multicultural Student Governance Committee formed

The Multicultural Student Governance Committee (MCSG) was initiated in the Fall ’15 semester. Nominated for the committee by faculty and staff, students on the committee include Marissa Morgan, Sheniqua Griffith, Simone Jackson, Megan Benfield, Joecelyne Cabrera and Matthew Tulley. The group is advised by Jeni Carter, assistant director of Student Life and Leadership. This year, the group developed a constitution, mission, and purpose statement for both the committee and the Center for Inclusivity, which is being developed in the SUB area previously used for ASAP. The group’s goal for the Center for Inclusivity is to provide cultural clubs and organizations a safe space to meet.

MCSG Mission
To promote a safe, diverse, and inclusive campus in order to cease marginalization, embrace culture and learning, and embrace what is unique to the individual, while providing resources for the marginalized through support and collaboration.

MCSG Purpose
To allow individuals to freely express themselves without fear of marginalization.

The group participated in a leadership retreat April 2, and four students attended the University of Denver’s Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence with Dr. Nick Saenz and CIELO’s (Community for Inclusion, Equity, Leadership and Opportunity) President’s Liaison for Inclusion and Equity Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy. Students attended workshops that ranged from confronting one’s own biases to recent issues around the Black Lives Movement and Islamophobia.

MCSG has also supported other campus groups by helping to help fund C.A.S.A.’s Caesar Chavez week, as well as travel expenses for nursing students who went to Honduras for their “Community/public health clinical rotation.” MCSG also contributed materials for Title V’s upcoming SymPAWsium

Climbing Team has best finish to date at nationals

The Adams State University Climbing Team had fantastic results at USA Climbing’s Collegiate National Championship, held in San Diego, April 22-23. The eight-member team finished 15th out of 42 schools. There were a total of 165 female and 222 male competitors. Highlights included a 3rd place podium finish in sport climbing by sophomore Noel Prandoni, 20th place in speed by freshman Anna LaSusa, 39th place in bouldering by senior Amber Reyes, 53rd in sport by senior Connor Hile, 34th place in speed by freshman Travis Fraker, 36th in sport by sophomore Wyatt Moran, 46th in bouldering by senior Eric Learn, and 92nd in sport by graduate student Nicholas Hedges. The program looks to improve even more next year as the team develops better training systems and a deeper talent pool. The team is currently recruiting climbers; for information, please contact Marshal Hartley.

ASU's Climbing Team
ASU’s Climbing Team

Results: USA Climbing’s Collegiate National Championship

Female Bouldering

  • 39th – Amber Reyes
  • 45th – Noel Prandoni
  • 61st – Connor Hile
  • 69th – Anna LaSusa

Male Bouldering

  • 46th – Eric Learn
  • 75th – Travis Fraker
  • 85th – Wyatt Moran
  • 110th – Nicholas Hedges

Female Sport

  • 3rd – Noel Prandoni
  • 53rd – Connor Hile
  • 55th – Anna LaSusa
  • 57th – Amber Reyes

Male Sport

  • 36th – Wyatt Moran
  • 92nd – Nicholas Hedges
  • 105th – Eric Learn
  • 107th – Travis Fraker

Female Speed

  • 20th – Anna LaSusa
  • 36th – Noel Prandoni
  • 53rd – Connor Hile
  • 70th – Amber Reyes

Male Speed

  • 34th – Travis Fraker
  • 57th – Eric Learn
  • 99th – Nicholas Hedges
  • 183rd – Wyatt Moran


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