Message from President McClure

As an individual or an organization begins to change and move forward in a positive manner, it seems that negative forces join together to try and prevent the forward momentum. Many of us have experienced this as we try a new diet or exercise program, only to find that our friends or family will poke fun at us or question why we would want to make such a personal change.

The same is true when an organization, such as Adams State University, begins to work together and focus on a more positive future for our faculty, staff, and students. Our vision for our future is being downplayed by some who do not believe how great our University can and will be. Whether it is negative pushback on an individual’s choice to change or an organization’s, the negativity is more about the insecurity of those pushing back. The best way to overcome such negativity is to continue to focus on the positive, continue to move forward, and continue to believe in our core purpose.

If you ever find yourself not believing in the positive impact we have, then sit down with some of our students. Listen to their stories, their hopes, their dreams. Remind yourself that a positive word from a professor or a staff person can sometimes make the difference in leaving or deciding to stay and work hard.

Remind yourself of all of the accomplishments of our faculty and staff as you read this newsletter. We are a talented, committed group of individuals.

Let’s continue to focus on the positive we have to offer and on the positive future we have ahead of us. I am a believer in all that Adams State University is and all that we will be.

President McClure

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications
Editor/Designer of alumni magazine – A-Stater