Roundtable generates ideas

Retention &
Strategic Planning

Eighty-two faculty and staff participated in last week’s Campus Roundtable, which reviewed progress on retention and gathered ideas for the Strategic Plan. CIELO and Executive Team members facilitated the group.

Dr. Michael Mumper, senior VP for Enrollment Management and Program Development, reviewed retention work completed since the last Roundtable. The chairs of new retention subcommittees summarized their work to date:

Academic Advising & Career Services

Deb Chapman, asst. director of Student Engagement & Success, said her group is working to improve the consistency and accuracy of student advising, and developing ideas for getting undeclared students to choose a major sooner.

Making campus business practices more student-friendly

Morgan Ramsey Daniel, asst. director of Financial Aid, said her group is working to streamline One-Stop procedures, revise the work study employment process, and explore ways to mitigate textbook costs.

On-boarding new students

Karla Hardesty, Enrollment Management program manager, said her group is reviewing university interactions with new students between the time they are accepted and actually enroll. This will entail an audit of the communications process and refinement of the various processes.

Student Engagement

Mick Daniel, director of Student Life & Recreation, said his group has gathered information of what various departments do in this regard and is reviewing academic probation policies and procedures.

Non-returning students

Eric Carpio, asst. VP for Enrollment Management, and Ken Marquez, VP for Student Affairs, are exploring ways to reduce attrition, such as developing exit interviews, re-recruiting students who have left, connecting students with distance education, and improving communication processes.


In addition, Michelle Romero, asst. director of Admissions, described ongoing research using the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator. Three hundred current freshman took the assessment, and two workshops for faculty and staff have been held. The project has been funded for a second year, and incoming freshmen will be contacted once they apply for housing. She explained the data could greatly aid in retention and recruitment.

Math Stakeholders

Dr. Matt Nehring, professor of physics and chair of Chemistry, Computer Science and Mathematics, explained that his group is reviewing the university’s general education requirement in math, as well as exploring the best configuration of developmental math courses.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications
Editor/Designer of alumni magazine – A-Stater