Getting a Move on in Richardson Hall

The first phase of the Richardson Hall renovation project is nearing completion, and many offices will be relocating over the next few weeks. This phase includes the center wing, south wing, and Richardson Auditorium.

Moving Schedule – prioritized, dates approximate

  • Bill Mansheim and Rodney Martinez will provide additional notice to units as their time approaches.
  • Human Resources will update the online staff directory with new office location information.
  • All phone extensions will remain the same.
  • Movement of phones and computers will coincide with office relocation.
  • Don Connell will work with staff to provide new keys.

Oct. 28

  • Main entrance on the east (also ADA entrance) open
  • South entrance open for exiting toward the west parking lot only
  • North entrance construction access only
  • Overhead scaffolding will remain in place over all entrances as a safety precaution until the roof is complete.

Oct. 29

  • Moving crew on site

Oct. 29-31

  • Student Affairs to 2nd floor Richardson Suite 2-800
  • Academic Affairs to 2nd floor Richardson Suite 2-200
  • Eric Carpio to 1st floor School of Business room 116
  • Alumni/Foundation to 2nd floor Richardson Suite 2-500
  • Nursing Faculty to Edgemont House
  • Enrollment Mgt. (Mumper) to 2nd floor Richardson Suite 2-700

Nov. 3-7

  • Upward Bound to 2nd floor Richardson Suite 2-400
  • Student Business Services to Porter Hall Rm 144
  • Finance/Budget/Purchasing/Accounting to 3rd floor Richardson Suite 3-300
  • President’s Office to 2nd floor Richardson Suite 2-300

Nov 10-14

  • Maxine Rodriguez to Richardson 1-702
  • Melissa Moeller to Richardson 1-701
  • Creative Relations to 1st fl. Richardson Suite 1-500
  • Financial Aid to RH 1st fl. suite 1-200.
  • Karie Velleses, Sally Kelly, Julia Chavez to Community Partnership Bldg.
  • Human Resources to Richardson Suite 1-400
  • Public Relations to 1-601 & 1-602
  • Records to Richardson Suite 1-300
  • Mailroom to new mailroom, west annex of Richardson Hall

Packing boxes are located on 1st floor Richardson by the business office. Tape is in the finance office (in the printer cabinet). A dumpster will be placed by the driveway on the northwest side of Richardson. Additional shredding bins will be available for confidential information.

Renovation Phase 2 is scheduled to be complete by the middle of April. Landscaping, the main exterior plaza on the east, and parking renovations will not begin until the end of spring semester.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications
Editor/Designer of alumni magazine – A-Stater