Gen Ed Task Force holds retreat, sets goals

Dr. Lee Knefelkamp, Professor Emerita of Psychology and Education at Columbia University’s Teachers College and Senior Fellow with American Association of Colleges and Universities, facilitated a retreat Dec. 4-6 for ASU’s General Education Revitalization Task Force. At the retreat, Task Force members worked to:

  1. Understand the national movement on student engagement and authentic assessment as they relate to General Education.
  2. Explore the role that General Education serves in recruiting, retaining, and educating low-income and Hispanic students.
  3. Review current General Education goals, outcomes, and assessment.
  4. Begin discussions and planning of a 2-year timeline for establishing General Education Goals, curricula (academic, co/extra-curricular), and assessment.
  5. Draft preliminary revisions to Gen Ed goals, curricula, and assessment.

The purpose of the General Education Task Force is to facilitate campus-wide conversations over the next two years in order to define ASU’s General Education goals and outcomes, determine curricular and co-curricular “experiences” and measure the success of the program as it relates to student learning. After attending the American Association of Colleges & Universities'(AAC&U) conference on General Education, ASU CIELO members realized the General Education could be revitalized to enhance career, citizenship, and global engagement for ASU’s diverse student body.

The Task Force was formed to revitalize ASU’s current Gen Ed goals, curriculum, and assessment so that they better match essential 21st century learning outcomes that include critical thinking, teamwork, civic engagement, and intercultural knowledge and competence. Research on these high impact practices demonstrate their role in retaining and engaging ALL students.

Task Force Members include:

  • Margaret Doell, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Claire Van der Plas, asst. professor and chair of the Art Department chair
  • Dr. Stephanie Hilwig, assoc. professor of sociology
  • Dr. Chris Adams, asst. professor of chemistry and Chair, General Education Coordinating Committee
  • Aaron Miltenberger, cirector of Student Life & Recreation
  • Dr. Steve Aldrich, assoc. professor of mathematics
  • Dr. Tracy Doyle, professor of music
  • Dr. John Taylor, professor of theatre
  • Dr. Bob Affeldt, professor of rhetoric and composition
  • Karla Hardesty, director of Marketing & Enrollment Mgt.
  • Dr. Beez Schell, professor and chair, Department of Human Performance & Physical Education
  • Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy, Office of Inclusive Excellence and Activity Director, Title V Conexiones grant

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications
Editor/Designer of alumni magazine – A-Stater