Campus move procedures

Computing Services and Facilities Services have developed a new, coordinated move procedure for on-campus moves. Designed to better coordinate moves, this is in effect for all office, computer and phone moves.

Moves will only be done on Wednesdays. Requests for moves will be reviewed the Wednesday following receipt of request, with the actual move scheduled for the following Wednesday.

Work order tickets are still needed for Facilities Services and Computing Services.

Please be sure to include the following in the work order/tickets:

  • Name of Person Moving
  • Phone number to be moved
  • Name of computer being moved
  • Location being moved from
  • Destination location
  • List of computer equipment to be moved
  • List of furniture to be moved
  • Note any special requests for furniture placement, rearrangement, or if furniture/computer need to be moved out of destination in preparation for move-in.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications
Editor/Designer of alumni magazine – A-Stater