Budget Update

While Colorado’s Long Bill is not finalized, the current request calls for a small increase to higher education to offset some cost increases. This helps, but doesn’t quite cover mandated cost increases and current year enrollment shortfall.

In evaluating budget requests, the following criterion is used for evaluation and prioritization: life safety, compliance, degree to which request aligns with ASU 2020, revenue generating potential, impact on student success, and degree to which the impact is campus-wide. Some needs arose after the January 27 budget request deadline. These requests will be evaluated with the previous submissions, if they are justified as emergency. Additional requests in this category must be submitted as soon as possible, along with corresponding emergency justification, to Katie Sliva.

The campus will be notified when the timeline of all prioritized requests is posted. The timeline posted is contingent on revenue generation and subject to change with institutional environment changes. It is not a guarantee of funding.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications
Editor/Designer of alumni magazine – A-Stater