ASC begins major Enrollment Growth Research

An enrollment growth research project is underway, in coordination with the consulting firm Noel-Levitz. The project’s steering committee, headed by Dr. Michael Mumper, is currently seeking faculty and staff to serve on subcommittees for specific components of the research. One of the major objectives is to develop more long term and sustainable revenue streams to offset state funding.

Dr. Michael Mumper

“This research is intended to produce enrollment increases into the foreseeable future,” said Mumper, senior vice president for enrollment management and program development. “That growth will correspond to the

campus-wide enrollment targets laid out in the new Strategic Plan. The plan sets very specific – and quite aggressive – enrollment growth targets – including adding 150 undergraduate students, and 100 graduate students, during the next two years.”

Steering committee members include Bill Mansheim, Dr. Frank Novotny, Judy Phillips, Dr. Donald Johnson, Karla Hardesty, Walter Roybal, and Mark Schoenecker.

Subcommittee members will participate in creation of survey instruments and help coordinate research activities. The project targets eight specific activities designed to better understand the markets for ASC programs, and where there are opportunities to increase our market share. It will also help determine which new programs have sufficient demand to sustain them over several years.

  1. Campus Focus Groups (students/faculty/staff)
  2. Online survey of current students
  3. Online survey of faculty and staff
  4. Alumni Survey
  5. Prospective student data (student phone survey, transfer coordinator survey, counselor survey)
  6. School district Professional Development Directors survey
  7. Secret Shopper Survey / Competitive Analysis
  8. Web Site concepts & design

The research data will help determine which new graduate programs would be attractive, how to improve recruiting techniques, and how to expand transfer student recruitment.

“Also, we need to re-establish ASC as the premier provider of professional development opportunities for K-12 teachers and staff in Colorado, but to do so, we need to know precisely what type of programs they want and what forms and venues are most attractive,” Mumper explained.

The research should be completed by the end of March, with an analysis and report on the findings due in June. A website/blog on the project will be established, to allow the campus to follow progress of the project. Any questions may be directed to Mumper, ext. 7346.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications
Editor/Designer of alumni magazine – A-Stater