End of Semester Updates from Creative Relations

It’s getting close to the end of the semester, and you may want to make updates to your sites before break. If you do, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I’d be happy to help.

Here in Creative Relations, we’ve been getting ready for the upcoming HLC visit. In preparation for our re-accreditation process, we are currently:

1. Revamping the old HLC site
2. Creating a clearing-house site for all ASU policies
3. Organizing numerous documents for a new Assessment site

All of the above sites are available from our main Administration & Resources page

Finally, we are:

4. Working to provide program-specific goals and student learning outcomes on each academic site.

So, let me know if you’d like me to take a look at your site and offer suggestions for refreshing or re-organizing it. Sometimes all a site needs is a new perspective, a few well-chosen photos, and shorter paragraphs!

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Have some student profiles to share on your site?

We’ve been working with Gina Shiba, Julie Waechter and Linda Relyea to add graduates’ photos and testimonials to the MBA site.  We’ve also worked with John Taylor to develop a nice section profiling Theatre Alumni.

If you have student “Great Stories” that you would like to add to your particular site, please let me know!

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What we’ve been doing lately on the Web

It’s been a busy summer for Creative Relations (formally the Communications Office)!

On the web site we’ve created over 100 degree maps for all majors and emphases, and we’ve incorporated them into the individual academic sites.  These degree maps chart the course progression a student needs to follow for each semester in order to graduate with a particular degree.  If you need to point students to them, the link to the degree maps is located in the black box of each academic site’s navigation.  Since the degree maps are built within our responsive design framework (and are not simply uploaded pdfs), students can access them fairly easily from a mobile device as well.

We’ve also been working with Scott Travis in Facilities to re-design the Facilities web site.  He and his staff have provided us with great content, and we think it’s turned into a really good site.  If you need help updating your site for the new school year, please email me with your new content.  You usually don’t need a lot of content to make a good update – a few short paragraphs or bulleted lists work great. We can add the photos and do any editing that you may need!

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Announcing: Creative Relations

The department formerly known as Communications has a new name: Creative Relations. A division of Enrollment Management, we offer a variety of media production services for both internal and external audiences, including:

  • Consultation and production services for web content and print media
  • Support of university advertising and marketing efforts
  • Facilitating maintenance and oversight of central university social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

Creative Relations staff includes Director Mark Schoenecker, Graphic Designer Amy Kucera, Web Content Specialist Jen Stoughton, Web Applications Developer Mike Henderson, and Print Shop Manager Peggy Dunn.

Media relations continue to be handled by Julie Waechter and Linda Relyea, now in the Department of Institutional Advancement, reporting to President Svaldi.

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Mobile Traffic

Here is the mobile and tablet traffic for the adams.edu website, first day of class:

August 23rd 2010
Mobile 2.69%

August 22nd 2011
Mobile 7.61%

August 20th 2012
Mobile 9.47%
Mobile and Tablet 12.51%

August 19th 2013
Mobile 16.88%
Mobile and Tablet 21.9%


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