the fragile vessel

this fragile vessel is four hummingbirds
darting   hovering   tasting at lilacs
like bees   they seem to have only one purpose

to find what is sweet or beautiful    to linger
at the colorful mouths of returning spring
the fragile vessel that is four hummingbirds

has wings that cannot be seen
my body that is also four hummingbirds
like bees seems to have just one purpose

this particular human heart beats 132,480 times a day
opening and closing    it must beat for someone
this fragile vessel is four hummingbirds

tracing the flower’s petals to where
the nectar sweet neck bows to the ground
i   like bees with a single purpose

hover at the scent of your spring neck
taste at the flower of your lilac eyes
like bees this particular heart has one purpose
a fragile vessel   this heart   four hummingbirds

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