Scheduled Public Shows

All programs are free and open to the public.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Spring, 2017

Zacheis Planetarium will be showing double features every Thursday evening and Saturday afternoon this spring semester (except for spring break).  Thursday movies will start at 7:00 and 7:45 (doors open at 6:45);  Saturday movies at 3:00 and 3:45 p.m. (doors open at 2:45).  You can see both, or if you prefer you can choose just one.  There will be a break between movies to allow visitors to go in and out of the theater.

Along with the 12 new movies Zacheis planetarium purchased last summer, we have picked up four more new ones over the winter break.  These full dome movies are provided free from the European Southern Observatory, and have been created by a variety of planetariums around the world.  They will be mixed in throughout the spring semester.

Here’s the schedule for the Spring 2017 semester:

Date First movie
Second movie
Thur, Jan19 7:00  Life: A Cosmic Story 7:45  Robot Explorers
Sat, Jan 21 3:00  Cleopatra’s Universe 3:45  Ice Worlds
Thur, Jan 26 7:00  Solar Superstorms 7:45  Dream To Fly
Sat, Jan 28 3:00  Dawn of the Space Age 3:45  Moons: Worlds of Mystery
Thu, Feb 2 7:00  Supervolcanoes 7:45  Origins of Life
Sat, Feb 4 3:00  Fractal Explorations 3:45  Seven Wonders
Thur, Feb 9 7:00  The Dark Matter Mystery 7:45  Space School
Sat, Feb 11 3:00  Undiscovered Worlds 3:45  Earthquake
Thur, Feb 16 7:00  Live Astronomy Program 7:45  Live Astronomy Program
Sat, Feb 18 3:00  Stars of the Pharaohs 3:45 Extreme Planets
Thur, Feb 23 7:00  From Earth to the Universe 7:45  Experience the Aurora
Sat, Feb 25 3:00  Ultimate Universe 3:45  The First Stargazers
Thu, Mar 2 7:00  Lamps of Atlantis 7:45  Oasis in Space
Sat, Mar 4 3:00  Bad Astronomy 3:45  Escher’s Universe
Thur, Mar 9 7:00  Bella Gaia 7:45  Black Holes
Sat, Mar 11 3:00  Into the Deep 3:45  Hubble Vision 2
Thur, Mar 16 7:00  Natural Selection 7:45  To Space and Back
Sat, Mar 18 3:00  The Hot and Energetic Universe 3:45  From Dream To Discovery
Thur, Mar 30 7:00  Astronaut 2012 7:45  Exploding Universe
Sat, Apr 1 3:00  Dynamic Earth 3:45  The Body Code
Thu, Apr 6 7:00  Chasing the Ghost Particle 7:45  Distant Worlds: Alien Life?
Sat, Apr 8 3:00  Lucy’s Cradle 3:45  Saturn: Jewel of the Heavens
Thur, Apr 13 7:00  Live Astronomy Program 7:45  Live Astronomy Program
Sat, Apr 15 3:00  Dream To Fly 3:45  Supervolcanoes
Thur, Apr 20 7:00  Earthquake 7:45  Cleopatra’s Universe
Sat, Apr 22 3:00  Robot Explorers 3:45  Solar Superstorms
Thur, Apr 27 7:00  Dawn of the Space Age 7:45  Moons: Worlds of Mystery
Sat, Apr 29 3:00  Undiscovered Worlds 3:45  Sunstruck
Thur, May 4 7:00  Fractal Explorations 7:45  Stars of the Pharaohs
Sat, May 6 3:00  Origins of Life 3:45  Lamps of Atlantis
Thur, May 11 7:00  Seven Wonders 7:45  Ice Worlds
Sat, May 13 3:00  Space School 3:45  Life: A Cosmic Story

Movie descriptions can be found on our Movie Library page.

Fractal Explorations, an original production of Dr. Robert Astalos and Zacheis Planetarium, premiered on Saturday, Aug. 29, 2015.  It was made using only free software available to everyone on the internet.  You can read about it on our Fractal Explorations page, and you can check out a preview of the movie on YouTube:  Fractal Explorations Preview.

Fractal Explorations is currently licensed in a dozen planetariums in the U.S., and one each in England, Belgium, and India.

See our Movie Library page for movie descriptions.If you would like to be placed on an email list to receive notices of upcoming planetarium shows and events, as well as interesting things to see in the night sky, drop me an email asking to be placed on the list:

12 thoughts on “Scheduled Public Shows

  1. To add to my previous….

    I’ve looked through various databases online of shows available for full dome presentation, but as I don’t know how/where ASU sources their movies, I thought I’d ask whether there might be any movies for the dome similar to this presentation:

    Also, any shows specifically on notable female scientists through the ages would be something we’d really appreciate.

    • The video you pointed to is wonderful! I don’t know of any available full-dome movies like that, but I’ll keep my eyes open for one (also something like your second suggestion). I am currently working on an original full-dome movie on fractals, and I have on my list of future movie ideas something similar to your link. My idea is to include Fibonacci numbers, the Platonic solids, the fourth dimension, non-Euclidean geometry, tilings, … or maybe it will be several shorter movies. 🙂

      • The planetarium in downtown Denver does a bunch of different stuff at their planetarium, it’s part of their Science museum, so you could start there.

  2. Will you be showing “Two Small Pieces of Glass” or “Tales of the Maya Skies” anytime soon. I’d like to bring my grandchildren to see them. Also, will you show “Oasis in Space” again?

    • The schedule you see above is a complete list of what we are currently planning on showing. It only goes through Oct. 31 as we will be purchasing new movies in October. The movies you mention will certainly be shown again, though not before Oct. 31. For your grandchildren, you might try “Astronaut 2012” on Sept.12. Also, “Stars of the Pharaohs” (Oct. 23) is for the ancient Egyptians what “Tales of the Maya Skies” is for the Mayans. Honestly, I think all our movies are very good. Pick one that sounds interesting and give it a try!

  3. Boy, I’m way behind on the “Scheduled Public Shows”, aren’t I? Tonight is “Stars of the Pharaohs” at 7:00 and “Ultimate Universe” at 7:45.

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