Ahh another semester under my belt! Yesterday at 2:00pm I finished my last final! The last month of school is always the most stressful! I have had so many projects and papers that were due. It feels great to be done! I am also a Junior now! I am officially half way done with college! 🙂 […]

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Today was the last day of classes! You know what that means? It means my sophomore year of college is almost over! Whoop Whoop! I just have to complete my finals next week and I done! I am also saying bye bye to the door rooms! I had a lot of fun in the dorms […]

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It is the end of the semester and that means classes are about done with! Freshman Year is practically over and I loved every day that I was here! I cannot wait to go home, but I will definitely miss walking to the elementary and entering that classroom full of wonderful children who called me […]

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Hey everyone! I hope all is well in Colorado. I heard a little rumor, some time ago, that is snowed! I miss those crazy days. It is kind of funny because it snowed here, too. It seems like home is really far away, but when I want to see those beautiful mountain tops, I have […]

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As you all know, I am from Pueblo, Colorado. If you have never been to Pueblo, let me tell you it is very differnt then Alamosa. In Pueblo, the mountains are far away and you don’t see wildlife. My favorite part about living in Alamosa is seeing all of the deer. I think people who […]

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Hey Everyone! I hear Colorado is getting warmer! That is great for me! I am going to be so cold for the longest time when I get back! I have such mixed feelings about going home. A part of me really misses my family, my friends, the food, and just the familiarity of being in […]

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It is an amazing experience to mentor young children because in their eyes, you’re almost like a big sister or brother. The 4th graders I mentor are so great and they can accomplish anything. For example, Evans Elementary is a school that can raise money for a good cause, like the Sacred Heart Foundation. Evans […]

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Hey everyone! Colorado! I miss you beautiful square state! I do. I don’t though. I miss it a lot. As my time here comes to a close I do not want to leave! I went Waipio Valley this weekend. It reminded me of Colorado a lot . It was beautiful and a valley full of […]

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What more can you do on a Friday night? Going to the movies with friends is definitely fun. It was the first time I watched a movie at Sky High 6 and I enjoyed every minute. My friend Kirsten and I wanted to go to the Sand Dunes after the movie, so we can do […]

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Today is April 10. This date is a very special day to my family. I look at it as a bitter sweet day. The bitter part of this day was that Social Services removed me from my biological mother and this was the day I was placed into foster care. The Sweet part of this […]

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