Mission, Vision, and Values

ASC Mission Statement
Adams State College dedicates its resources to provide opportunity and access for all students. The College is an innovative leader that recognizes the inherent educational value of diversity. It is a catalyst for the educational, cultural, and economic interests of rural Colorado, the surrounding region, and the global community.

ASC Vision Statement
Building opportunities for everyone to learn and succeed.

ASC Value Statements
As members of The Adams State College community we are committed to:

•    Providing opportunity and access for all
•    Honoring diversity of people, cultures and ideas
•    Promoting excellence in teaching and learning
•    Fostering communities of caring, respect and civility
•    Cultivating innovation, integrity and ethical leadership
•    Serving as responsible stewards of our resources

5 Responses to “Mission, Vision, and Values”

  • Under the rubric of “Promoting excellence in teaching,” I’d like to see the Strategic Plan address the faculty recruitment difficulties created by our comparatively low faculty salaries. Ditto for what might be called “quality of life” policies such as maternity leave.

  • I still believe this vision statement is seriously lacking. I expressed a number of ideas in the previous Vision Statement Blog. I’m not sure if those ideas and comments were considered, are still being considered, or were discarded as not workable.

    When you think about a vision for our campus, does “Building opportunities for everyone to learn and succeed.” really inspire?

  • When reading the strategic plan, I saw nothing that addressed the sixth value statement: “Serving as responsible stewards of our resources”, unless by this statement the authors are referring only to financial resources. For the past four years, ASC has undertaken several initiatives to conserve water, energy, establish a fairly robust recycling program, become a signatory to the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, etc., all of which support that value statement. Let’s include some specific, appropriate language in this strategic plan to demonstrate our commitment to becoming leaders in environmental stewardship in the San Luis Valley.

  • The MA+ program had some serious problems. It was a re-packaged undergrad program with a few MA level courses. In talking with folks at CDHE and CDE there were real concerns about the program really being a Master’s level program. In all honesty, it would not have passed the upcoming review.

    In the field many of our teachers who had a “regular” MA from us were resentful and felt that their masters and the MA+ showed up the same way on a diploma but were not equivalent. They felt these candidates were not being held to the same standards as they had been. Additionally they reported poor preparation of these candidates as compared to traditional undergraduate students.

    The development of the new Post BA program will alleviate these problems while addressing the need for increasing numbers of teachers and allowing individuals to enter the field after having a career in other fields. If you have specific questions, please contact me or another member of the dept.

  • Could we bring back our Masters Plus Program and increase advertising about it? We could have a really good marketing niche for those individuals in the valley that want to earn their masters and initial licensure at the same time especially now during these hard economic times.

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