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Ahh another semester under my belt! Yesterday at 2:00pm I finished my last final! The last month of school is always the most stressful! I have had so many projects and papers that were due. It feels great to be done! I am also a Junior now! I am officially half way done with college! 🙂 It feels great!  I don’t really have plans this summer. I am staying in Alamosa, working and taking a few classes. Well, have a great summer everyone. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

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Today was the last day of classes! You know what that means? It means my sophomore year of college is almost over! Whoop Whoop! I just have to complete my finals next week and I done! I am also saying bye bye to the door rooms! I had a lot of fun in the dorms but it is time to move on to new things. I recommend everyone live in the dorms for a year. You really meet people fast and fun things happen that you get to be apart of! I am still staying in Alamosa this summer. I am picking up a couple of classes this summer. I am moving into a house with two of my friends. So I will be able to talk about off campus life this summer! I will try to post some pictures of my new crib later. 🙂

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As you all know, I am from Pueblo, Colorado. If you have never been to Pueblo, let me tell you it is very differnt then Alamosa. In Pueblo, the mountains are far away and you don’t see wildlife. My favorite part about living in Alamosa is seeing all of the deer. I think people who are born and raised in the Valley take it for granted. I mean, in a big city you don’t just see seven deer crossing the street. I have been here for two years now and I still take pictures of the deer. It blows my mind that these deer are not scared of humans. You can walk right up to them and they don’t bolt. Living in the Valley makes me feel closer to nature and it opens my eyes to what my Lord has created. I am really considering staying here after I graduate. People ask me why would you go to a stupid town like Alamosa to go to college. I just tell them, In Springs, Pueblo, or Denver do you get to wake up seeing Mt. Blanca everday or watch deer chill in a yard, I think not!

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Today is April 10. This date is a very special day to my family. I look at it as a bitter sweet day. The bitter part of this day was that Social Services removed me from my biological mother and this was the day I was placed into foster care. The Sweet part of this day was that the family I went to ended up adopting me a few months after I arrived. For those of you that are not familiar with adoption, when you are adopted that is your family now. So, when I say Mom, dad, brother those are my adoptive parents but they become my real mom, dad, and brother. Anyways, my family likes to celebrate this day as a birthday/happy day. My mom bakes me a cake and I get to choose what is for dinner. But I bet ya’ll really want to know about the whole foster care/adoption thing. Well, I hate to break it to you, but I am not that exciting. I am not from a foreign land, I was a child that was born to a women who could not take care of me. I lived with her for the four months before I came to my parent’s house. She was very ill, nobody knows exactly what she had. I had to leave the hospital with a friend of hers because she was unable to leave. I went into foster care like most children do, their biological parents could not take care of them but there is hope that they will shape up or in my case get better. After a few months she decided that adoption would be the best thing for me. Letting me be apart of the family that took me in. I had a closed adoption, meaning I could not get in contact with my biological family. However, my biological mother died when I was seven. My mom showed me the obituary. Nobody knows who my biological father is.  A lot of people say I’m sorry when they hear I am adopted. I respond with why? The Good Lord has a plan and I am thankful for it. I know that I could have been aborted and I’m thankful everyday that I wasn’t. I also know that I could of had a very different life with a sick mother. The Lord placed me with the Shumaker’s and they are my family. I thank the lady for carrying me and signing the papers. I will always love her and have a special place in my heart for her.

 This is a picture of when the adoption went through.

My Cake!

When I came to my parents front door this is all I had. It’s a blanket and a bottle. The Blanket was in better shape.LOL. I use to sleep with it every night until it got too many holes and my mom thought I would strangle myself in my sleep with it. LOL 🙂

Before the adoption went through I had visitation rights with my biological mother. She made this and gave it me. I keep it in my room. 🙂



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So I must say there is a lot of fun stuff you can do in Alamosa. This past weekend I had so much fun with my friends. We all met at 10:00 pm at Cole Park to roast some smores. There was about twenty of us. While we waited for everyone to get there we played groundies. Groundies is like tag/ hind and seek on a jungle gym. One person is “it” and they are on the ground. They count to twenty with their eyes closed and then try to find someone with their eyes still closed. Everyone else is on the jungle gym trying to stay away from the person “it”. You can go on the ground. However, if the person “it” yells groundies you are now “it”. It was very funny because we were all too big for the play ground. After the roasting of the snores we played Rambo. Now, this game is legit.  Rambo is like tag also but a little more extreme. Everyone has a partner and the goal of this game was to get from Cole Park to Adams State Theatre building without being caught (That is 1.4 miles). The people who are “it” are in cars. So there were three cars  and two people in each car looking for the rest of us. We made boundaries. So we could only use three streets. My partner-Loren and I hid behind a bush for five minutes (I now have a bruise on my knee from that) and we also hid behind a fence. We did a lot of running (my legs were sore the next day). Anyways, we got caught right in front of the on campus apartments. 🙁 We also played this game from the Theatre back to Cole park! The second time we played I was the seeker and I drove my car. Loren and I didn’t get anyone! 🙁 I don’t think I have had that much fun in a long time. We played Rambo until 1:00 in the morning. Gotta love college days! 🙂

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I am in the Astronomy class and I finally got to see something cool with my own eyes! In this class you have to go to two viewings and write a page on what you learned. Tonight was my first viewing. We met behind the Lacrosse field on an empty lot. Dr. Astalos brought two telescopes, some star charts, a few red lights and his green Lazar pointer. We started off by finding constellations such as Orion and the Big Dipper. He showed us with his green Lazar the North Star (Not the brightest star in the night sky). It just kept getting better as the night went on. Dr. Astalos set the telescopes to see Saturn. It was so amazing. It was orange and white with rings. The one thing that surprised me when I looked through the telescope was that it was on its side. Later he lined the telescope up with The Orion Nebula (is in the constellation Orion). The thing that is cool about the Orion Nebula is that is where stars are born. I saw baby stars! The Orion Nebula looked like two cotton balls. During that night my friend Drake and a bunch of other classmates saw a shooting star! Man, I wish I saw that! Dr. Astalos said if I kept looking I would probably see one. However, I got impatient and moved on to different things! It’s amazing how many stars are in the night sky here in Alamosa. I am so use to all the light pollution in Pueblo that I am always amazed at the stars here.

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Over Spring Break I went to Oregon to visit my family. While I was there I decided I would do a little Twilight searching.  My mom, my mom’s cousin,my great aunt and I hopped in the car and took of for Carver Oregon. thirty minutes passed and we ended up in Carver. You could spot the cafe that Bella and Charlie ate at a block away. I was star stuck. The movie Twilight came flooding into my mind. We walked in and I saw the table that Bella and Charlie sat at. The two windows that are behind Bella in the movie. We entered the cafe with a camera and everyone knew we were twilight fans. these two older men told us, “this is where you really want to sit.” They moved and let us sit where Bella sat. The Carver Cafe also had a sign in book for whoever came to the cafe that were twilight fans. All four of us signed it, even my great aunt who had no idea what Twilight was. I also took my picture with the waitress that was filmed for the movie, but they ended up cutting that scene that she was in. We only stayed at the Carver Cafe long enough to have ourselves some hot chocolate and then we were off to the next Twilight movie spot.

The next spot we drove to was a little farther away. It was in St. Helens Oregon. Wewere on the search for Bella’s house. As we drove up this little hill there sat Bella’s house at the end of the culdesac. I never realised in the movie that Charlie’s and Bella’s house had a garage, so that threw me. Also there wasn’t a forest next to the house. That made me a little sad because that means they computer generated it. Also, the street was so small that one car hardly could fit on it. I was wondering how they did all the scenes with Edward and Jacob passing each other in the their cars. There was even a sign on the tree that said Twilight fans, remember this is private property so don’t step on my property, but you can take pictures from the street. When we were there we could see the man on the computer through the window.

The last Twilight spot we went to was in Vernonia Oregon. This is where most ofthe town scenes are filmed and where Charlies Police Station is. We were driving down the main road in Vernonia and once again you could spot the building down the street. The funny part about this building is that it is originally a bank. They transformed it into a police station, just for the movie! It was raining really hard so I didn’t get out and take a picture but I rolled down my window and took a picture. When I snapped it a man was coming out of the bank and he posed for me. HAHA I found that a little weird.

My spring break was amazing not only because I got to see Twilight things but I also got to hear cool stories from my great aunt during the drive. I still am shocked that she wanted to spend all day in the car driving from town to town.Next spring break I plan on going to the beach they used in the movie! 🙂


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Hi Everyone, I am a new blogger! My name is Kirsten Shumaker and I am a sophomore at Adams State College Whoop Whoop! My major is Elementary Education with a minor in English. I am also a Student Ambassador- I give campus tours and a Student Assistant- I work as a secretary for the Welcome Center. I also am apart of Campus Ministry- Christian Challenge. I met my boyfriend at Adams. He is a year older than me. We met in  the cafeteria and we have been together for a little over a year now.  I was born and raised in Pueblo Colorado. I went to school at East High School for three years and my senior year we moved across town so I graduated from Centennial High School. I would have to say I’m a goofy girl. You only get one shot at life so  praise the Lord and be happy, and that is what I try to do. I also love to dance. I was a tap and clog dancer for fourteen years at Sarah Shaw Dance Studio in Pueblo Colorado. So I guess you can say I just can’t stop my dancing feet. I am also a kid at heart. I love Disney movies and the Disney channel. Yes, I am a High School Musical fan! My favorite sport is Baseball GO ROCKIES! Well, that is me in a nut shell. I hope you all come back for some more! 🙂

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