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Tonight I attended one of the faculty lecture series lectures. This one was presented by my adviser Dr. Stephen Roberds. The title of it “Sex, Money and Deceit: Congressional Scandals” drew me in and attracted my inital attention, how ever after watching it I want to learn more on this topic. Dr. Roberds talked about how scandals can affect elections, and has focused his reasearch in this area primarlily on the legislative branch becasue of how many elections occur in that branch compared to the exective branch.Its funny to see that scandals play a role but are not the sole reason that people vote how they do. The economy, president in power and other environmental factors play just as big of role as scandals do. It was also cool to hear that presidents cheating on their wives dates back to George Washington and that an incident Bill Clinton sleeping with a younger women is not an unusual occurrence. This was an awesome lecture Dr. Roberds, thank you!

For those of you thinking of studying government Dr. Roberds is a government professor here on campus and my adviser. I would also like to take this chance to extend a congratulations to Dr. Roberds for gaining tenure here this year!!!

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