Lately a lot of the clubs have discussed changing the requirements for how much clubs have to do for homecoming and through out the year for senate in order to keep their funding. A few complain that there is to much to do and takes to much time. I have kept my opinion quiet since it is the minority among many of the club presidents, but on the other hand it needs to be heard.

The requirements set by student senate are as follows:
1.) Host ONE fundraiser per semester
2.) Participate in TWO community service projects per semester, with at least 3 people from your club
3.) Participate in THREE homecoming events (the medicine show, parade and fence stuffing) along with nominating royalty.

I can see both sides of the argument and have been one to complain about it at lot the past two years. However I’ve done these events with Mock Trial for the past two years with little support from my club and little participation from our members and somehow have managed to pull it off and keep our funding in tact.
Fund raising is easy, sell cookies every couple weeks! You can do more that one without stressing out your club to much. Community service is a little bit trickier, how ever not impossible. First off one community service project is required during the week of homecoming for ASC Cares Day, and that day they usually provide free breakfast. Then make a weekend when you can do a river clean up or dunes clean up. Its really easy. The hard part, at least for me, is getting my members to commit to the project.

Homecoming, every clubs favorite time of year. Its hell week in most of our eyes. Not only do we have all the projects for homecoming, but we also have classes, sports, homework and jobs to manage as well. Its crazy and its the one week I will allow my self to live off of caffeine. This is where most clubs think we should cut back on events that we are required to do. However I have to disagree. Senate and GAB (Grizzly Activity Board) try to help us out and make that week as easy as possible for us. We usually know the theme a few weeks ahead of time, and can start working on it then. I think we should have to do all the events. As clubs we are leaders on campus and in the community. The parade and medicine show are tradition that the community and students look forward to each year. They also show school pride during the week when we should be all about it. ITS HOMECOMING! Not just another football weekend. Fence stuffing takes an hour to put up once you have a design. Its not hard. Since these are all important parts of homecoming week I do that clubs should be required to participate to make it the best parade and best skit show (I’m calling it this since other schools do have comedic skit shows for homecoming week) that the state sees during this time.

I understand its a lot of work. As club president I know, and for the past two years have touched every aspect of these requirements. Again I don’t think they should change, maybe lower the monatary fine if you can’t participate in an event but don’t change the requirements. We are all adults and should be able to manage our time to do this.

One Response to “Senate Requirements for Adams State Clubs…”
  1. Anthony says:

    Kat I so agree with you! It may be a hectic week but its really fun and creates a bonding between everyone that participates in the club and its fun for all of us too in the long run and something to look back on for us too! Just cut back the fine thats all they should do nothing more they need to keep the events.

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