So my religion and politics class just got done watching a movie entitled “Bush and the revival of the Religious Right”. It basically went through the rise of Evangelical Christens into mainstream politics. They never endorse a candidate for office but back in 2000 they supported George W. Bush. This surprised me since during the 8 years prior during Clinton’s administration they criticized him for committing adultery a “sin”. Their candidate wasn’t so perfect, before being “born again” Bush was a alcoholic! Another “Sin”!!! But no that’s an ok you can sin since we think you’re the best evangelical christan ever and that god has a lot of work to do through you during your life. So lets elect a drunk instead of someone who cheats on his wife! Lets not forget that they also blamed 9/11 on the ACLU (American Civil liberties Union), pagans and homosexuals since they were living a sinful life. This film really caught me off guard since I was a firm supporter of Bush until now, looking back on it I wouldn’t have. I’m all for religious pluralism, but I also know that by saying what they did about the ACLU, Pagans and homosexuals that they are interfering with our 1st amendment right. Blaming pagans isn’t cool, their religions were around before Christianity, blaming the ACLU is like saying that when they helped blacks gain equal rights it was also a sin and then homosexuals are just wrong, but its who they love and how they “express” themselves. Again going against our 1st amendment rights. I guess if the evangelical christens want respect from me they’ll have to at least recognize the fact that we do have religious pluralism with in the borders of the United States!

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