Wow it is so weird to be back here at Adams after break. It was a huge jump from sleeping in till 10am to waking up at 6am and being on the go from then till midnight. My schedule is back to being in blocks and looking like a brick wall. I’m only taking 15 credit hours, but between working 2 jobs and having to redo my theory of the case for mock trial since it was “updated” (had more stuff added) the week before finals I am already back to making sure I keep busy just so my brick wall doesn’t crumble.  The semester looks amazing so far thought!

Break was kind of boring. I slept way more than needed but it felt so good! I had a chance to go see some family up in Grand Junction that I haven’t seen since August two years ago and found out I’m going back to Grant Village Yellowstone National Park for the 3rd summer in a row!!! I am so excited to go back and excited to see everyone else returning from the ’09 season along with meeting a new group of people.

This past weekend after the first week of school was fun. Something I thought would never happen happened, 2 of my friends who had not spoken in over a year decided to be good friends again. Its awesome since I don’t have to split my time between the 2 groups listening to one complain about the other. We had a small party on Friday and Saturday then went to Zapata Falls and the dunes for some light hiking and sledding on the dunes 🙂 It was so much fun to be back with that group. Not to mention that night a couple the the guys I worked with from YNP stopped by Sunday night! It was so nice seeing part of my second family even if they are a little crazy…

I’ll leave you all with some Taoism:  “he who knows everything knows nothing; he who knows nothing knows everything knows nothing”

View from the journey...

Zapata Falls the Frozen version

Sand Dunes

some of the greatest people in my world...


Beautiful end to the day :)

Commercial Shot (wide eyes)

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