Since the weather has been unusually nice these past few weeks a few friends of mine and I decided we’d risk our luck and take one last climbing trip down to the Taos area in New Mexico! The area we went to was amazing for climbing! Tons of routes with ratings that encompass varying amounts of experience. We got up there Friday night and built a campfire. The stars were amazing and reminded me of the ones out at Shadow Mountain in Wyoming. Saturday was definitely the day to climb! It was nice and sunny with a few clouds. However it is November so we did expect this. After climbing at the bottom of the canyon that we camped out on we moved further down the canyon and found a place that you could top rope on and repel down to the bottom where there were a few more routes to climb. I was really impressed with my buddy Cory who came down from Steamboat Springs to join us on the trip. As a beginner he was able to work his way up a 5-9 and a 5-10 (5-9 and5-10 are the rating of difficulty on climbing routes in the U.S. with 5-4 being a walk up and then increasing in difficulty from there). I chickened out after my first climb and first dose of vertigo, but still had fun watching some of my friends who have a ton of experience climbing. Sadly our luck with the nice weather started changing Saturday night when it decided to start snowing. Sunday morning we awoke to ice on our tents and and inch of snow on the ground. Lets just say the camp stove and coffee were very welcomed that morning. Over all it was a great trip and I would definilty go to that area again.



Sunday morning:

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