So the first senate meeting was on Monday Night this week. From what happened it looks like we have a lot of work to do and still a lot to learn about how to run this senate. However I don’t think it helped the confidence of this body when we had a past member sit in on the meeting and challenge little things that were part of this learning period. The person who attended was well with in their rights to have sat in on the meeting and complain about what went on, however I think they over reacted. Yes the meeting was closed for about 10-15 minutes to the public. However all that went on during that time was training for the new senators who have not been on this body before. As for not receiving his information yet, well the paper is published Wednesday which means article were due Tuesday night so he could have gotten his information within the week. This person needs to remember that we are students and will get things done but not 30 seconds after they were asked to be done in some cases.

I do encourage all of the students and staff to come to out meetings, the next one being September 13th at 6pm in the Business building. We do want to hear your opinions! All our meetings are open, we only closed a portion of the last one to train and apologize that the legitimacy for that was not met or understood. See you there and feel free to email me, your senator of arts and letters with concerns.

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Hey everyone! I am currently at the end of my second day of my 4th year at Adams. I just realized that I will become what everyone calls a super senior as I will not graduate until May of 2012, however I do not see this as a bad thing. I love Adams and it gives me an excuse to hang around the valley another year. So far this semester looks like fun. I am taking 15 credit hours along with serving a term as a senator and maybe joining the climbing club here on campus. I decided to pass the Mock Trial torch on to someone else so that I can experience other things that campus has to offer. The only downfall I see in my future is the desire to go play out doors everyday like I did this summer in Grant Village with the Savages. I hate being inside and can never seem to get my professors to have class out side under the gigantic shady trees we have in the court yard by the ES building. Oh well, guess I’ll have to try harder. For now I look forward to Thursday night and maybe going rock climbing in witches canyon after class that day.

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Wow feels like its been forever since I’ve been on and posted a blog. The summer has finally come to a end here for me. I’ve been back in Alamosa for 2 weeks fighting with the internet to write this post. So much happened this summer from 111 miles worth of hiking to a new group of people and fighting with management about my work schedule. All of it was amazing and I won’t take a second of it back πŸ™‚ So as a reflection here are some photos from yet another summer spent over the super volcano.

winter still hasn't left
1.) Rescued my friends car from the Tetons

so old faithful really is man made
2.) Found evidence that old faithful could be man made

spring has sprung
3.) Watched the Ice break on the lake

markings on a wall
4.) Continued my legacy at Grant village

long gone elk
5.) Found the remains of an elk

salvation of a rock
6.) Jumped over 6 trees to get to this rock after not climbing for a month…

Even Nature smiles
7.) Saw Nature Smile

Take that man made stuff
8.) Witnessed a war between nature and man…nature is winning

Climbing at the Shield
9.) Went Climbing with a couple of Texans

Kayak Heaven
10.) spent some time in a Kayak

Why did they let me drive?
11.) Drove a boat for the 1st time…why they let me I don’t know

21 Baby
12.) Turned 21 and yes that is the can cheese stuff…Thank you Jesse and Keri πŸ™‚

Grand @ Sunrise
13.) Stayed up all night to watch the sun rise over grand teton

Hidden falls or are they Found?
14.) Found hidden falls…it really isn’t that hard

Lake Solitude and Grand Teton
15.) spent time with lake solitude

Paintbrush Divide
16.) Hiked up and down paintbrush divide…couldn’t show you the trail in this picture

P.J. Hula
17.) Danced with Shelly at Pub parties

good conversations...
18.) had insightful conversations with ben around campfires

Nature birthday candle
19.) Tried to blow the Fuzz of this flower with sara…it didn’t work…

Lewis Channel Jump
20.) watched colin jump into the Lewis channel

Colin's Nature Note
21.) received a nature note

Hellz Elks :)
22.) Joined our softball team…forever we will be Hells Elks πŸ™‚

Slack Kitten :)
23.) Came home and adopted a Kitten named Slack

Over all it was a crazy summer with a lot of memories that could never be fully honored with words. Time to get back to school so that I might be able to go back for a forth season in Grant Village

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So its July 14th, 3 days after my 21st birthday. I’m sitting in the lobby of the dorms here in Grant Village enjoying the unusual high speed internet since most are still in bed or are at work. The Snow Shoe Hares are playing around in the pines out side of the window, running around as if playing a game of tag. The weather here in Yellowstone finally warmed up to a nice average of 70 degrees per day. Going to down to Moose Falls our summer swimming hole has become almost a automatic thing to do after working a breakfast shift. Its like a contest to see who can shed the work garb and dawn swimsuits the quickest. However today will not be one of those days. I am lucky enough to be able to work what is called a quad shift or working lunch dinner breakfast lunch. This puts me at our dining room from approximatively 11am this morning to midnight and then again from 6am to 4pm tomorrow. Hurray for my best friend caffeine reentering my life. A raven just peaked around the bike racks here. These birds are so funny they’re always out around the dumpsters looking for something to eat, and if we don’t clip the chain on the door they will get into them. They are almost too smart for their own good. Anyways this past weekend was amazing. My parents came up from Denver for my Birthday and met a group of us down in Jackson Hole Wyoming. We went down to the snake river brewing company for my birthday dinner. From there my parents stayed in town while my friends from the park and I headed up to camp at shadow mountain. I had planned on getting some sleep that morning, but ended up staying up all night to see the sun rise on peaks of the Grand Tetons. You could see the sun on the eastern horizon at about 4am starting to erase the endless amount of stars that covered the sky that night. We finally were able to walk around without flashlights at around 5am and then everyone was up to see the glow of pinks and purples that covered the peaks at 6 am. Its been an amazing summer, I’m going to be sad to leave here in 2 weeks. However at the same time going back home to Alamosa will be just as exciting as coming up here to the land of forests and crazy elk was.

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Ok so ranting….I love living here in the cabins here at Grant village but I hate the fact we don’t have internet in them. Instead I have to come to the lobby where I get bombarded by people going “KAT KAT KAT KAT KAT”. I know I choose to know a lot of people and make a lot of friends here in the GV, however there are some days when I get online and try to work and wish to be alone with my music and the clicking of a keyboard. Work also can suck here at times. Tonight I have what is called a turn around as in I work dinner and then breakfast again. I don’t mind these two shifts since they are usually the highest in tips, however the lack of sleep catches up easily. This makes me grumpy and unkind to those who do not realize that I wish to be left alone with my computer at this time. I think it is hammock time πŸ™‚

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Hey everyone! It feels as if it’s been months that I’ve been here instead of weeks or mere days. I’ve already hiked around 53 miles, when at this point last year I had barely hiked 10. Looks like I might make the 500 mile hiking club this year. Life around here doesn’t really differ to much from day to day. You live with awesome people, meet cute boys then realize after a long conversation around a camp fire that they are life long brother type friends instead of someone you might what to spend a night behind closed doors with. Trips and events are all planned spontaneously and haphazardly making one laugh at life when you end up cooking burgers in a deep camp pot. You find out how much of an inner kid someone is when they jump over 6 trees just to get to a boulder after being deprived of rock climbing for 5 weeks and you end up throwing all your camping gear in the back of an SUV including firewood when you find out other friends are on the same mountain camping as you are making a small contingent of people turn into 30. Not to mention the backpacking trips that are done in the rain after not checking weather before leaving yet seeing sights in a way you’ve never seen them before. Believe it or not these tales have been my last two weeks in Yellowstone.
Two weeks ago we went backpacking in the Black Canyon of the Yellowstone. What started out as a perfect day to go spend a night out in the back country turned into a rainy day hike. For some unknown reason I forgot the memory card to my camera and have only the memories of the cloudy canyon to keep with me of the first trip out of the season. It was beautiful being up in the hell roaring creek area. Picture this: countless blades of grass covered in water droplets. Clouds floating between clouds and mountain peeks, and ending the day gazing up a river rushing between two mountains revealing another snow covered peak reflecting the snow that covers it in a sea of pink. It was beautiful being out there with those I consider family.
This past weekend I was down in the Jackson Hole area at a place called Shadow Mountain we decided to go out and car camp while doing some day hikes in the Grand Tetons. We ended up hiking around String lake, which was rumored to have a good boulder field to climb in. Rumors were true and I was that person jumping six trees when I saw what my first project of the summer is, I found my second shortly there after. That night we cooked veggie burgers over a campfire waiting for a few more friends to show. We learned after setting up camp and getting a fire started that they were already on the mountain at another sight. After taking a vote we threw everything back in my car and went up and joined them. I ended up meeting this awesome girl Wendy who works at old faithful and has some crazy hikes planned that I was invited on. I was going to sleep in my hammock but due to the cold and the amount of food left out I ended up staying in the back seat of my car. I woke up around sunrise and moved my sleeping bag to my hammock. I tried to stay awake to see the sun slowly light up the peaks that seem like that they were glued on top of a flat plain, but failed to do so. I jolted awake to the sound of an animal moving about our camp. Fearing it was a bear I went into instant defensive mode only to look underneath me and see a little fox who decided to keep me company for a half hour. It was kind of cool that a creature would choose to be around something it would normally run from. Once everyone started waking up my new found friend disappeared.
Over all its been a blast the last couple weeks. How ever due to slow internet connection I will not be able to post anymore pictures this summer but instead will post a slide show in august for everyone to see what we savages do during our summers here in Americas first national park.

*Savages: coined term for Yellowstone national park employees since 1988.

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Ladies and gentlemen we are about to open our location for business this Friday and welcome all the memorial day tourists to the park. I am so excited πŸ™‚ Tomorrow is what we call shakedown or a dress rehearsal for a dinner and breakfast service. I’ve been here for three years but still find myself nervous for it. I have my “A-Team” with me but still its nerve racking…the pressure is on not to screw up since the big managers are in town. Not only that but they are also looking to me to help out the new people who haven’t been here. I can’t short cut here at all. Its great that we’ll finally be on a normal schedule though making it easier to hike and get my miles in this summer. We have an employee hiking club here I logged 130 last summer but intend to get around 200 in this summer. Guess we’ll see.

Posting more pictures soon πŸ™‚

Your friendly Grant Village Server,


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and I mean this only with love. I am finally at Grant Village Yellowstone National Park a place that I have spent my last two summers working at and now my third. It is lovingly referred to as the mistake on the lake since the village at West Thumb which is 3 miles north of here started sinking and they needed a town towards the southern end of the park, thus creating Grant Village. Its already been so crazy here. I ran in to 15 people who worked here last year making me feel like I walked into the coolest family reunion ever. Ironically I didn’t get to spend my time here catching up with everyone but had to go help my buddy Jake pull his car out of some mud that he got stuck in camping up at shadow mountain in the Tetons. It was so pretty down there last night. The clouds hung low on the mountains covering the peaks, but as we got further south we began to see the tips of Grand Teton, Middle Teton and South Teton peak out. It was incredible I can’t wait to get down there and do some hiking down in the tetons and maybe even climb one of the peaks. I know I will be climbing up Mt. Sheridan, Mt. Washburn and a few other peaks in Yellowstone, however climbing one of the peaks in the Tetons would probably be the highlight of my summer πŸ™‚

Till later you friendly Yellowstone crew member,



yellowstone 2010 016

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This week so many things have happened to make me realize how different my life is going to be next year. Starting last Friday I became aware of winning the position of Senator of Arts and Letters, signed a lease to an apartment in town, realized that our Mock Trial team may not be around next year and decided that I am addicted to climbing and should join the climbing club here at ASC. On top of this all a new season in Yellowstone starts on May 22ed this month. This means I get to enjoy the long journey up I-25 towards Montana, and then once I hit the junction on to I-90 my skin will crawl with excitement as I drive and look west out of my window to the Absorka Bear Tooth mountains and the north east boundary of the caldera and Yellowstone. The excitement will continue to build as I-90 turns west crossing the southern Montana plains and I drive along side the Yellowstone River. Just writing this makes one of those cartoon dream clouds appear over my head with memories of driving up last year. I can’t wait not only for this summer but next year. I’ve needed a new trail for a while now, and I always thought it would be transferring schools and moving up to Missoula. I never thought that just a change in activities outside of class would be the breath of fresh air I needed πŸ™‚

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This weekend was awesome. Camping Season is officially here marked by a trip out to witches/ penitente canyon. Its located out north of Monte Vista on 285. We only stayed one night, but it was so much fun. This canyon is beautiful! I really want to go back and climb there. I was so happy to finally be out in the wilderness. I’ve had a huge itch to for about 2 months. I was so excited to finally sleep in a tent, but due to my stupidity I placed it so I kept rolling down a small hill and ended up sleeping in my car with the windows open. Kinda glad I did sleep in my car it was a lot warmer than my tent would have been. Over all great weekend.

Native Warmth

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