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One of the difficult things you have to go through in college is missing family. My family is five hours away! Which has made my driving tolerance shoot through the roof, but it still sucks to drive ten hours round trip just to be home for a day and a half.

I want to go home this weekend. Free laundry, food and getting to see everyone is awesome. Unfortunately, I might not be able to because I want to leave Friday afternoon, but I have observations to do for my ED class and rehearsal which goes til 10 P.M. I would have to leave early Saturday morning, leave Sunday afternoon and for what?

Ugh…I miss my mommy!!!

Me and my Mom at a high school wrestling match…

Until Next Time and I leave you with this quote:

“I like to stand near ATM machines and when somebody types in their pin number, I go “I got it!” and then run away.” -Demetri Martin


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