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Hello World.

Ah! Nothing like a week ofย  rehearsals, classes, homecoming posters, and bunny suits!

This week has been quite the…week! “Children of a Lesser God” opened fabulously and is in its final run this week. There was a high school matinee yesterday and let me just say I have never seen so many braces, “interesting” hairstyles, VANS tennis shoes, and band T-shirts all massed together in such an intimate space! It was quite the task house managing that show, but I got through it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Classes are at an all time high right now, attendance wise and study wise as mid terms are around the corner! My notebook is filled in every section with notes from Engel v. Vitale to the heresy of paraphrase to play character analysis! Government, Study of Literature and Intermediate Acting are quite the mix of classes on my Tuesday/Thursdays! I am working diligently I must say, attending study sessions and taking notes, I can only hope for the best a few weeks from now!

It’s Homecoming Week, It’s Homecoming Week! Here at Adams, every club elects “royalty” to run for King and Queen of Homecoming! The clubs range from Sci-Fi Club to Mock Trial to G.S.A. and the selection of “royalty” candidates is like a buffet full of everything! It’s quite interesting/entertaining reading the homecoming posters around campus. We have two days to vote and the results are announced at the homecoming football game. There are also so many events going on right now to promote homecoming, such as the Medicine Show, Movie Night, Casino Night in the student loft, Comedians and the play of course!

I have to say, seeing our costumes being used on campus is always a sight to see! A theatre major was parading around in our giant bunny suit tonight to promote her running for homecoming queen! Here at Adams, you see the most interesting things, hopefully this week won’t get too crazy! Actually, let’s hope for the CRAZIEST yet! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, I’m off to listen to some “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven and write some poetry for my Creative Writing class. What can I say? I am a sucker when it comes to classical music, and actually, it helps quite a bit when you have to write a prose poem due tomorrow!

Until Next Time, Kaitlyn.

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