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This is on the one way by the Art Dept, the trees look awesome!

Well, way to start off the week..I can hardly walk. Went snowboarding yesterday and I must say for my first time ever, I was not too shabby however, the first hour definitely sucked. Falling, face planting, just plain falling over due to giving up….not fun. After some time on the bunny hills I eventually got the hang of it and was on some greens in no time!

One thing that’s so nice about our location in Alamosa is that we are within two hours of five ski resorts. I went to Wolf Creek yesterday for Local Appreciation Day ($31 Lift Tickets!) it was fun toward the end but after the five hours of boarding, I am paying for it now….”Wait, I can’t keep up with you!” has been a ritual saying today.

Well, I’m off to give a tour to you lucky new prospective students and then rehearsal for two hours!

Until Next Time and today I leave you with:

“Snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough.”


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