So I was finally able to get some sleep this week thanks to Homecoming being over. When you are getting everything organized, (parade, medicine show, the football attire) it can feel a little stressful, but once it’s all over with, you can’t help but think “Geeze that was so much fun!”  I gotta give kudos to our football players for kicking Western’s butt!

It never seems to fail that once school starts, you blink and realize that it’s midterms. I have spoken to several students and they are worried about classes and whether they are passing, and I just have to reassure them that it’s okay, ask for help and the purpose of midterms is so you can see where your grades are and how you need to change your study habits. Then I look at my grades and I’m like CRAP I need to look at my study habits! September seemed to fly by and as I look at my calendar, I can’t help but believe that it’s going to be November before I know it.

Being student body president has it’s ups and downs. First of all, I have no idea where my time goes, second I must schedule in time to study, and third I can’t help but learn new things at every meetings. Well that just sounds like a lot of downs, but my biggest up is that I get to meet so many new people each day. Because I moved to ASC my junior year, I really only got to meet Psychology students. This is great in some ways, but if you are wanting to represent the student body, I have to go out of my wonderful weirdos in the Psych department and meet new students. 🙂 So my goal since returning to campus from our Student Government conference in Washington DC is to meet a new person everyday. Somedays this seems rather difficult, but other days it’s much easier. When I came for my tour, I was really impressed by our tour guide and how she knew everyone across campus. It really makes our campus so unique compared to other schools. The students here really become your family. So my plan as student body president is to meet a new person everyday and hope that I can represent the student body as a whole by the end of the semester. At our senate meeting on Monday night we were able to allocate funds to the KASF, our radio station to attend a conference in Chicago. I couldn’t help but think how much I wish I could go to Chicago… maybe I should join the radio station… Just kidding! If I had time I would really consider it though!

This week it seems as if the flu is spreading across campus. I have had class cancelled twice, and everyone I know keeps getting sick. Oh and did I mention that it’s only Tuesday? I feel like I have to wash my hands a million times and if you know anything about Colorado you know that your must apply lotion even more than usual. This week is considered our fall break, but it only means we have Friday off. LAME! The teachers have been very fortunate about not giving us too much homework, I only have 1 test and a few papers due. Next week though is when I will probably hate my spontaneous trip to Atlanta for break. I should have just stayed in Alamosa to do some homework and catch up on some things, but I just have this itch to go someplace warm. It is Colorado and it is October, and sadly enough it has snowed already. It just didn’t seem like the summer was long enough. I complain about it being fall and my boyfriend gets excited because it is football season (rolls eyes). I just can’t help but count the days until summer.

Here are some pictures from our trip to Washington DC!
ASGA Conference

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