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The spring break destination decision came full circle and we ended up, thankfully, going to Utah.  The areas we were originally going to visit we covered in a lot of snow so we decided on some laid back car-camping around Moab.  A few shorter day hikes around Arches and a nice long full day hike in Canyonlands were just beautiful, providing a much needed hiking fix.  The nights were pretty cold, but the days were perfect: cool and sunny.  Here are some pictures from the trip:

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The Rio Grande River lies just a few minutes walk to the east of campus and each winter it freezes over, leaving a layer of ice thick enough to walk on.  Then as things begin to warm up  the ice cover lessens, leaving only a small channel of visible water.  The ice is almost completely gone now but there are still some beautiful pieces of ice hanging over the water.  While we are not quite yet into spring, one can feel the weather switching gears and entering an amazing time:  springtime in Alamosa.  And what better way to soak in some of that valley sun and enjoy a Friday off from school than a little paddling on the Rio!  Here are some pictures from the day:

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The initial plan was for a group of us to check out some canyons in the south-east region of Utah.  However, after calling the ranger station near there to find out where to get detailed topo maps of the area, I was informed that the entire area was “covered in a foot and a half of snow.”  This of course makes the access roads to the canyons unusable and one of the loops we wanted to hike required a 7 mile snowshoe hike just to get to the trailhead.  So now its back the drawing board and more than likely, somewhere south.  One thought was a part of the Coronado National Forest in south-east Arizona which buts up against the Chiricahua National Monument.  Both seem pretty cool and none of us have been to either place.  Where we go is undecided at the moment but I’m sure we will find somewhere cool to go!

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