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There was a lot going on involving Adams State this Valentines Day weekend. The Adventure Program had a yurt-to-yurt snowshoe trip running this weekend that my valentine, Jenna, and I were hoping to go on but due to work and other school obligations we were unable to go. Plan B: Enjoying a quiet weekend here in Alamosa watching movies and walking along the Rio Grande, taking in the sunshine and downtime between busy school weeks.  Along the river we found a bunch of cattails and had some fun with them.  Here are some of their seeds going for a ride:


The Adventure Program also had its hands in some on-campus activities this weekend as well. Each February, the program arranges for a Wilderness First Aid class to be taught here that is open to all students and community (for a small fee). This is a 24 hour (split into 3 days) class that, as the name suggest, goes over first aid techniques applicable to back country incidents. To sum it up: If you plan on spending anytime in the backcountry then you should take this class; It could help you save someones life, maybe even your own.  With that said, I hope everyone is enjoying the winter and getting a chance to get outside and enjoy it!

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