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This past Saturday Dan and I, fueled by mid-semester doldrums and the need to walk around in the woods, made a trip Crater Lake, Colorado.  This was not Crater Lake National Park (I would love to go there also!), but rather an awesome local treat in the San Juans.  While the names of both suggest that they are craters due to some large impact, this is untrue.  CLNP is a caldera, and Crater Lake here in Colorado is likely of glacial origin.  The hike was perfect.  A relatively short ~7.5 mile round trip allowed for lots of exploring and laid back wandering.  It was cool, with a touch of snow over much of the area.  Doesn’t get much better than that!  Of course, we couldn’t resist bringing up some juggling balls to continue our tradition of the ultra extreme sport–yes, ultra extreme sport–of alpine juggling.  The juggling pictures will be up soon, I just have to get them from Dan’s camera.  However, here are some shots from the hike…


Crater Lake and surrounding awesomeness.


A view heading back from Crater Lake

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Last week I took a break from Zion’s canyons and went to visit our National Park neighbor, Bryce Canyon.  It’s about 2 hours away from Zion and not a very large park…perfect for a day trip.  Bryce tends to be fairly cooler due to its higher elevation so it was also a nice escape from the heat Zion was enjoying at that time.  It was recommended to me to take the Fairy Land Loop, an 8 mile loop that dips into some very cool features of the park.  So I did just that.  This loop was amazing and had some of the coolest landscapes I’ve seen.  It truely was like stepping into another world.  Huge hoodoos were all over the place with a sort of cemented, eroded sediment that looked like blended water colors below them.  If you get a chance you should definitely check it out.  However, because the park is so small (you can see everything in one, maybe two days), make sure you have some other places to go like, oh I don’t know, Zion!  Here are a few select pictures from the trip.  As always, the rest of the pictures are available on the flickr stream and I have now made links to each set on the right pannel of this blog.

Hoodoo 5-ball:

The view from Bryce Point (not on the Fairy Land Loop…but quite awesome)

I also just got back from Great Basin National Park yesterday and I will have a short write up about that soon!

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I re-learned how to juggle a few years ago and found myself in a wonderful club called Air Raid, centered in Charlottesville, VA, my home town.  The members of Air Raid are definitely some of my most favorite people in the world.  We met (and they still meet) every Wednesday for juggling followed by frosty beverages at the local mexican food depot.  Through those years it has become one of my favorite past times.  Its one of those awesome things (sports?) where the more you practice, the more infinitely complex it gets.  Whereas most activities (sports) focus on doing a few things just right, in juggling the amount of tricks you can do is endless.  Here is an example of someone pushing the limits of the juggling realm.  His 6 ball run at about 1:40 is sooo ridiculously sexy.  Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.  Such inspiration!  I will try and get some video of me juggling on the blog at some point, but for now, enjoy Dan Wood:


A side note:  anyone who thinks they can’t juggle is extremely underestimating themselves.  Anyone can learn to juggle.  So if you want to learn, let me know and I’ll help get you started!

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