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Amidst a busy semester sprinkled with Adventure Program work lies a weekend where all that needs to be done is drink warm caffeinated beverages and work on proper lounge technique.  That weekend is now.  Sort of.  I don’t really plan on just sitting on ass all weekend…but I could and that’s what counts.  This morning has been a true delight.  It’s just me in the apartment, the stereo is pumpin’ GD Dick’s Picks 12, a large and satisfying solo breakfast was made and devoured, and the seemingly arduous project of finding a job for next summer has become fun.  After pushing my way through a few websites searching for jobs/internships I came across a handful that looked pretty sweet.  Everything from GIS mapping work in Yellowstone to Backcountry patrolling in Zion.  As long as I’m near some rocks to pull on and have some good people around, next summer will be just fine.  On that note, I think I’m going to go fly a kite.  Peace!

P.S.  12-24 inches of snow is expected to fall at Wolf Creek this weekend.

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