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There have been a surprisingly few amount of very cold days and nights so far this year but we still have February to treat us to that super cold, snot freezing sweetness.  I got into bed last night and noticed that the entire inside of the window was coated in really cool ice formations.  Thankfully, I have a thick down blanket and flannel sheets to keep me warm.  Here are some pics…


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Temps are dropping and water is doing that thing it does when it gets cold. Why is this good? It’s good because this new seasonal state of matter that water has entered provides entry into the world of winter sports. The Thanksgiving dinner I had with my boss, Mick, was fantastic (loved the purple mashed potatoes!) and the days to follow only got better. Friday a few of us went to North Clear Creek Falls to hopefully find some ice to climb. Our wishes were granted and we were presented a gorgeous waterfall of ice. I’m relatively new to the whole ice climbing game but it’s starting to grow on me. Then the next day a buddy and I went to Wolf Creek which was great even considering the early season conditions. So yeah, a pretty good break. Here are a few pictures of North Clear Creek Falls


My first ice climb of the season


Derek on lead

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The Rio Grande River lies just a few minutes walk to the east of campus and each winter it freezes over, leaving a layer of ice thick enough to walk on.  Then as things begin to warm up  the ice cover lessens, leaving only a small channel of visible water.  The ice is almost completely gone now but there are still some beautiful pieces of ice hanging over the water.  While we are not quite yet into spring, one can feel the weather switching gears and entering an amazing time:  springtime in Alamosa.  And what better way to soak in some of that valley sun and enjoy a Friday off from school than a little paddling on the Rio!  Here are some pictures from the day:

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