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Oddly, for me, exams tend to be the easiest part of finishing a semester.  All of the overlapping projects and such right before the exams are always the most stressful time.  Exams are just tests, like all those other tests throughout the year and you know what to expect.  However, for some teachers this may mean that you don’t know what to expect at all, but the logic remains the same.  Plus, studying is easy.  You sit down, and study.  It’s not like having to do massive amounts of research, weed out the useless information, formulate a well written paper, then construct a visually appealing and concise, yet thorough, presentation.  And yes, the exams are cumulative but so what.  If you haven’t learned the material throughout the semester, you probably aren’t going to learn it studying for the exams.  Studying for finals for me is all about just looking over the semester’s material to remind myself what to expect to be asked about on the final.  And of course, refreshing my memory on some of the concepts and terms.  Happy studying everyone!

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