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Found these guys the other morning in the back yard when I went to grab my shoes.  Meet your future overlords:



While on the topic of snails, here’s an strange but interesting article from National Geographic I ran into a while ago.

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I just presented at the lunchtime talks here at school.  This was part of a chemistry project we had to do and I am very glad to be done with it.  The past two weeks have been non-stop between this chem project, a mountain geography project, and tests.  Now, only two more projects left for the semester.  Then Zion!

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I found this via Facebook and thought I’d share with whomever may be looking at this here blog thang.  Basically it’s an idea to help increase the health of people and planet by making things fun.  I’ll let the video do the rest of the explaining:


The rest of the videos can be reached at The Fun Theory website.

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