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Last night I was sitting in my apartment when a thought began to tickle my brain.  This thought was the memory of playing disc golf back home in Virginia.  I remember being almost distraught when doing research about the San Luis Valley before I came to Adams to find that there was no proper disc golf course within a reasonable distance.  So after a moment of thought, I got on Facebook to make a group “We desperately need a disc golf course in Alamosa!”  As I was making the Facebook group page I decided to check the Professional Disc Golf Association website — I hadn’t checked the site in a year or so — to make sure that something new hadn’t popped up.  Something has, indeed, popped up.  There is an 18 hole course just northwest of Monte Vista which is just west of Alamosa. has pictures and some descriptions.  There is also another smaller 9 hole, par 2 course that is located around Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church in Monte Vista.  I will definitely be hitting this place up the next free weekend I get.

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