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Yesterday we hosted our comp for the Collegiate Climbing Series.  The showing from other schools was a bit disappointing but the comp as a whole was a lot of fun.  For the comp we had to strip all of the holds that were on the wall and then re-set all new routes.  Being a competitor in this comp, I wasn’t allowed to climb any of these until yesterday.  Im pretty stoked on having a new set of boulder problems and routes to project on.  So I’ll be spending the next few weeks working on those and hopefully getting outside to climb on some real rock.  The snow is melting quickly and only remains in places that get no sun.  The wind has picked up and the temps are warm so I think I’m going to go do some kite flying!  See ya!

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Day one of the semester has come and I couldn’t be more ready.  However, the winter break was amazing and hit all angles of fun, learning, and straight up laziness.  First on the break agenda was a 10 day trip to Arizona with a few friends to climb around the Phoenix area.  Warm sunny days and cool nights (not unlike Alamosa), led to some pretty amazing climbing weather.  This was the first time we were down there so much of the time was spent looking for the climbs and scoping things out but we definitely found some gems down there.  Queen Creek and Devils Canyon are amazing if you are interested.

Next on the agenda was another 10 day jaunt.  This time back to the homeland and other side of the country: Charlottesville, VA.  This is where the general laziness ensued.  It was perfect.  Seeing old friends and juggling with my old Air Raid Juggling Club crew was truly fantastic.  The juggling back in the “C-Ville” definitely rejuvenated my passion for passing clubs.

From there it was back home to Alamosa.  The Adventure Program here at school was doing a “Winter Intensive Training” that I was part of.  Other than the lack of feeling in my toes every day for 5 days it was great.  We did avalanche training, ice climbing and anchors, and learned the art (read: hours of digging) of making a quinzhee (hint: pile snow on top of backpacks to save some digging time).  During that training I found a new love: alpaca socks.  Just get some, you will understand.

Now its time for the spring semester of school and as I said before I couldn’t be more ready…and excited!  I kind of miss the routine of school and the early mornings of drinking coffee and listening to music before class.  Im super stoked for my Mountain Geography class and Adams State  is going to be hosting a climbing comp in April.  There is a new area of relatively untapped climbing to be explored as well.  All in all, its gonna be a good semester.

Here are a few pictures from the break…

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This past weekend the ASCC (Adam State Climbing Club) went down to Stone Age climbing gym in Albuquerque, NM. It was a blast. We got to check out a sweet gym, hang with a friend and Adams State alumni, Matt, and compete. Our fearless leader Amy D took 1st in her division and community member, Morgan, took 2nd in his division. And almost equally exciting: one of the students, Deanna, took home a rad new road bike she won in the raffle!  This was my first comp and while it was super crowded, it was a lot of fun.  Watching the open (advanced) division finals was amazing and inspiring.  Some of the stuff those guys and gals pull off is super impressive.  Here is Julian Buatista who took first place in mens doing some crazy figure 4 action…

…and Carlo Traversi sending hard with some upside down toe hooks…

The lighting in there prevented many of the pictures from coming out that well, but there are a few decent ones to get a feel of the comp in the flickr stream.

Stone Age also had a yard sale after the comp so some of us got some killer new gear on the cheap. The ASCC will be going to competitions all spring as well as taking trips to go pull on the real rocks in the great out of doors.  And, of course, we will be training all winter for the comps in the spring in an effort to bring home some glory to Adams State!  Let me know if you are interested in the club!  Its not just for students either; faculty and community members are welcome to join.

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