Here in Zion it’s monsoon season.  Like Alamosa in the summer, there is a chance of rain just about every day.  However, there is one main factor in the effect that these rains may have: canyons.  Here in Zion, rain is funneled down into these canyons and collects into massive amounts of water into, sometimes, very small canyons.  Given the right amount of rainfall over the right area, a flash flood can occur.  They have been happening relatively frequently the past few weeks…not to mention the ones we dont know about.  This poses a great danger to the canyoneers that flock to Zion from around the world and we try our best to keep visitors informed on current conditions and warnings.  One of the good things about the season of storms is the clouds.  Huge, towering cumulous clouds like this one are an awesome sight (from afar):

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