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Found these guys the other morning in the back yard when I went to grab my shoes.  Meet your future overlords:



While on the topic of snails, here’s an strange but interesting article from National Geographic I ran into a while ago.

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One of my classes this semester is Chemistry of Sustainability.  The class takes a look at sustainability related issues including green chemistry, materials, production of energy, and climate change from a chemistry perspective.  This class is taught by the wonderful Marty Jones, a recent recipient of the Presidential Teacher Award.  One of the perks of receiving this award is that the selected teacher has the opportunity to create a course of his or her choice… and this class is Dr. Jones’s fresh, never been taught before, creation.   As a final project for the course we, the six of us in the class, must do a presentation on a subject pertaining to the chemistry of sustainability.  My group selected to research biodiesel and the other group will be investigating photovoltaics.  Both groups will be presenting at a lunchtime talk on April 21st.  I’m pretty excited about learning more about biodiesel from a chemistry perspective because, like so many other “green” products, there is much to learn beyond what you hear in everyday media.

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I found this via Facebook and thought I’d share with whomever may be looking at this here blog thang.  Basically it’s an idea to help increase the health of people and planet by making things fun.  I’ll let the video do the rest of the explaining:


The rest of the videos can be reached at The Fun Theory website.

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