Who is this guy?

I’m an east coast Virginia boy. Born and raised in Charlottesville, VA I was mainly raised by my mother and grandparents. We lived in a middle america neighborhood tucked away on the edge of town. As most adolescents, I didn’t have a particular affinity to the outdoors other than: creek fishing was loads of fun, sneaking outdoors at night was awesome, and tents were just plain cool for whatever reason. Video games played a large part of hanging out with friends as well as a number of other things I cant really mention here. Fast forward a decade or so and things have changed. Just about anything involving a TV falls nearly in last place on the list of things to do and my love and appreciation of the outdoors has never been stronger. I now am working on my Physical Geography degree here at Adams State which is only further fueling the craving for planet (just Earth for the time being) knowledge. Coming here to Adams was due to a recommendation from my mother. She went here and suggested it when I was looking to steer quickly away from the Information Technology field of work. Luckily, they had a degree program that sounded awesome. Moving out here to Colorado also helped get me more involved with activities in the out of doors. Working for the Adventure Program here has been awesome. I’ve gained so much knowledge and had so many doors opened. It’s crazy. Climbing has recently become a rekindled obsession stemming from a period of climbing camps during middle school. I’m not sure why I ever stopped? This state has yet to cease to amaze me. Every season has its variety of outdoor sports and for every skill level. So, thats me in a nutshell (walnut maybe?). If you want to know more, give me a shout. Also, come by the wall here at school and climb! We have a climbing club here at school so just let me know if you want any more info and I’ll get you going. Peace.

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