Construction Update

  • McDaniel Hall (ES Bldg.)
    The contractor plans for an Aug. 31 completion date. Work is progressing well, but a 30-day delay occurred as a result of additional asbestos abatement.
  • Richardson Ave. Parking Lot
    Work began earlier than planned, should be completed before fall semester.
  • Stadium/Community Building
    New estimates call for completion by May 12.
  • Music Bldg.
    Work has begun on the east addition to the Music building and the south entrance area. Major interior renovation, focusing on acoustical treatment and upgraded finishes, will begin the end of the semester.
  • Nielsen Library
    Renovations funded by ASC’s new Title V grant (for details click here ) will begin this summer and continue into the fall semester. The project will allow all student support services to be consolidated on the library’s first floor.
  • Energy Performance Contract
    Phase I is almost complete; Phase II, which entails installation of mechanical systems and digital controls is next.
    Occupancy sensors will be placed Porter Hall’s fume hoods, which will also have the benefit of reducing noise.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications Editor/Designer of alumni magazine - A-Stater