Campus Renewal Updates


Tapping into the sun

The new 300 kW DC solar photo voltaic system, installed on the roof of Plachy Hall, is operating. The system is expected to generate six percent or more of the electricity needed to power the campus. Actual production could exceed that estimate, because solar photovoltaic systems are 20 percent more efficient in the San Luis Valley, due to the region’s cooler temperatures, clear skies, and abundant sunshine.

Solar panel display on Plachy Hall roof.

“This $1.4 million solar project will produce an estimated 500,000 kWh of clean energy annually, roughly six percent of ASC’s annual consumption,” said Bill Mansheim, Adams State vice president for Finance & Government Relations.

The project is part of a solar power purchase agreement between Adams State and Oak Leaf Energy Partners Ohio, LLC. Oak Leaf Energy Partners obtained an Xcel Energy Solar Reward to construct a solar PV system on the Adams State campus. A 300 kW DC solar PV system will be located on the roof tops of Plachy Hall, the college athletics facility on Stadium & Sunset Dr. Oak Leaf currently operates about 50 similar systems in Colorado. The company will construct, own, and operate the system; Adams State will have options to purchase it.

McDaniel Hall occupation begins
Expanded lounge area on first floor.

The first phase of moving into McDaniel begins this week. All should be ready for classes in January. The following schedule has been established for phases of the move-in:

  • Nov. 30, Dec. 1 & 2:
    Bulk move of items in storage – Arrow movers. Unwanted items should be placed in Evans cafeteria.
  • Dec. 5-9:
    McDaniel Hall will be open for faculty and staff to begin setting up offices from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily. McDaniel Hall employee computers will not be moved into faculty and staff offices this week.
  • Dec. 12-16 (Finals Week):
    Computing Services will complete technology updates and testing. Computers that have been in storage must be set up in faculty and staff offices and have software updates installed to ensure security of our network and your personal files. No other personnel may access the building during this phase.
  • Dec. 19-20:
    Move of items from temporary offices – Arrow movers. Faculty and staff may “Occupy McDaniel Hall.” The administrative assistants for each department in McDaniel Hall will coordinate the move-in schedule and transferring of telephone services for currently displaced faculty with Computing Services.

    View of the new 2nd floor lounge.
AITC relocates to McDaniel Hall

The Academic Instructional Technology Center (AITC) has returned to the first floor of McDaniel Hall. Since the building is not yet open, AITC will make office calls to assist faculty and staff. For assistance, contact AITC at ext. 7371.

AITC's new digs in McDaniel Hall
Student Success Center

Construction of the Student Success Center on the first floor of Nielsen Library is essentially finished. It was funded by a recent Title V grant for Hispanic Serving Institutions; plans for a grand opening event will be announced in January.

New projects

The architectural design phase has begun for two upcoming projects: remodeling of Girault Hall north wing, and a new Tutoring Center on the third floor of Porter Hall, funded by a new, $3.6 million Hispanic Serving Institutions grant to expand access to education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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