Campus Events Coordinator to centralize events planning

Ken Marquez, assistant VP of Student Affairs, announced the appointment of Berna Hostetter to the new position of campus events coordinator, effective May 1. She will continue as summer conference coordinator for Housing, a position she’s held for seven years, as well.

Marquez explained the position was created in response to the growing demand for use of campus facilities and the need, therefore, to have a single point of contact for such special events and conferences, including all campus-sponsored events.

“We are seen as the institution in the SLV that can invite and host all types of events, particularly since our major campus renovations. Many of these events have a recruitment incentive that comes with it,” Marquez explained.  Recent large gatherings include the state FFA conference, Wildfire Academy and All State Games.

“It became apparent that there was a real need to have a person who is responsible for all events, rather than administrative assistants being asked to take on the lead role for a particular event. In her new role, Berna will schedule all events, update the campus calendar, and help organize overall event planning for the campus,” Marquez added.

Hostetter’s new responsibilities include scheduling and coordinating all public and athletic events, seminars, conferences, and services for campus and/or community organizations, including those sponsored by the college. She will arrange various aspects of events, such as security, room reservations, technical requirements, parking, and staffing.

For assistance in event planning, please contact Berna Hostetter at ext. 7273.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications Editor/Designer of alumni magazine - A-Stater