ASC budget discussed at campus Town Hall meeting

Budget & Salaries

President David Svaldi shared updates on the college’s budget and responded to employee questions at the second campus Town Hall meeting of the semester, Tuesday, Nov. 29.

Svaldi said the Governor’s most recent budget projection includes a General Fund cut for ASC of $638,949. There may also be reductions in state need-based financial aid and workstudy funding, which could negatively affect Adams State’s enrollment.

Adams State’s 2012-13 budget was built assuming a 2 percent increase in enrollment. For each one percent of enrollment growth, tuition revenue increases by $96,900. The college is absorbing health care insurance premium increases for exempt employees, for a total additional expense of $297,000. (Classified Employees Open Enrollment is not until July.) The budget currently includes a 2.5 percent cost of living increase for all employees, totaling $357,500. ASC Trustee policy holds that should a state salary survey determine a COLA increase for Classified employees, exempt employees will receive a similar increase.

Svaldi emphasized, however, that a COLA increase would be dependent on the amount of actual enrollment growth, as well as on state funding. He said he expects the 2.5 percent PERA shift to employees will continue next year.

Indications are that ASC‘s recent HSI STEM grant of $3.6 million will not be impacted by federal cuts, Svaldi added.

In response to a question about Holiday Party expenses, Svaldi explained that the Sodexo food provision contract includes a $14,000 credit for hosting such events that cannot be spent in other ways.

ASC East Campus

The 2.7 acre site of the former Evans Elementary School recently purchased by Adams State College will now be known as ASC’s East Campus, according to President David Svaldi. He said plans currently call for establishing the Department of Human Performance & Physical Education (HPPE) in the building. While additional uses have not been determined, relocation of the Gingerbread House and Extended Studies are possibilities.

“The Board was looking to the future in acquiring the Evans school,” Svaldi said. “It would cost five times as much to build a new building of that size, and the campus does have need for ‘flex space’ and additional storage.”

The college and the Alamosa School District recently finalized a lease purchase agreement by which Adams State will acquire property at 108 La Veta Ave. by Jan. 1, 2014, for a total amount of $1,750,000.

Author: jmwaecht

Assistant to the President for Communications Editor/Designer of alumni magazine - A-Stater

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  1. Julie,
    Wasn’t the total price of Evans School given as $2.5 million at the meeting? That’s what I wrote down.

    1. Paul, yes, you did hear $2.5 million, but that was inaccurate. the actual purchase price is $1.75 million.

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