So its been a while since I was able to post but there is good reason… I AM OUT OF SCHOOL FOR THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!! This excitement however does not reflect my lack of updates. In true Mexican-American style I cannot afford internet due to my current lack of income. On that note I decided I would go to the library a few times a week so that I can post. Please make no judgements on my lack of motivation because this weekly task could very well kill me seeing as I live in El Paso, TX where the heat reaches 107 ughhhhhh. Any who from this point on I will post more often regarding things you should know about. For instance I have every intention of warning you about the cold and what to wear, the campus police, and things to pack or leave behind. Oh and most importantly how to cut yourself free of the umbilical cord attached to mommy so that you can learn to be in your own.

*until next time*


p.s. if there is no next time the heat killed me….

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So I know I’ve mentioned the stress of finals and so will many other bloggers so I’m skipping to some good stuff. The good stuff is as followed:


Having absolutely nothing to do other than be AWESOME my friends and I went out on a adventure. There are a lot of legends in any small town and Alamosa is no excuse. So here are some pictures of what we did a few of which I’m not in but its still fun!
Devils Playground:

Haunted Monkey House:

Being Cool:



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So I figured while registration is happening for first year students that a helpful hint might help you guys out. So here is my few helpful hints as far as some good classes to take:

1. ENG 101-102 Dr. Dave Wreford- Its a great class and he is a very lenient professor who wants to be more than just your teacher he makes it a point to be your friend.

2. Psyc 101 Dr. Leslie Alvarez- She is very straight forward but still makes things fun. Aside from that she also knows what she is talking about and doesn’t assign an intense amount of homework.

3. HGP 110/111 Dr. Mari Centeno- Although not all people can adjust to her personality, she is truly a great teacher. Her classes are lecture based but she makes it interesting and the work is easy. Test are always essays but they are mostly common sense and opinions.

4. ASL Peggy Filer- A great intro class that lets you explore a new beautiful unspoken form of language. It is a fun class and the professor is hilarious.

5. Intro to Theatre Dr. John Taylor- People always seem to be worried about this class but its actually really cool. The lectures are interesting and the activities are fun and not meant to embarrass the students.

So I know there are a bunch of other professors who are great at what they do. Thus I encourage current students to add to my list. If you have any questions let me know.



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Today I witnessed the most beautiful form of communication ever. I am in ASL 1 or American Sign Language Beginners. It is a really great class that fills up quick. It really is eye opening and very fun. Anyway today I had a test, which I totally got an A on, and after the professor asked us to stay. I was really not interested but I did and I am super glad. So the professor Peggy Filer is deaf and so is her (then) husband but their daughter was born hearing. Well today she came in and actually sang for us IN SIGN LANGUAGE. IT WAS SO FREAKING COOL AND BEAUTIFUL!!!! She sang Ol’ Red by Blake Shelton and I was awe struck. Sadly I could take a video but I really wanted to share it with my readers. If you are interested in the class its definitely a good one.

*Well until next time*


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There is one thing that I find to be the best thing about Alamosa and that is road 285 coming from New Mexico. It is by far the most beautiful landscape in Colorado. I am a person who really likes to talk and sing on a long car trip but as soon as we hit the 285 coming into Colorado I seriously loose the ability to do anything other than stare in awe. I know I cant full do the view justice so I took picture.


File1 046
File1 040

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To sum it up, last week was a horrible week for me. I cant really say more than that. The weather sucked, my outlook on life sucked, my sleeping pattern sucked and so much more… So basically I’m hoping this gets better, honestly anything would be better than what I’m going through.

*keep you updated*


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Late night Wal-Mart runs are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love walking around causing problems or just people watching other college kids who like to cause problems. So one of the funny things about Alamosa is this town has a bedtime, seriously.  Most things (restaurants, shops, and fast food) close between 8pm – 10pm so after a fun filled party you have two 24hr options when hunger strikes, Mc Donalds or grab a Snickers at Wal-Mart. I encourage all of you to use the dollar menu to your advantage and never forget when all else fails Wal-Mart prevails.

*Keep your $1*


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So the title of “Spring Break” has been replaced in my title because I literally moved trees for break. Don’t get me wrong I had a lot of fun with my friends going to parties back to back. But ultimately I got in trouble every time I went out. I have to admit I brought it on myself but I have never had so much fun in my life. So a sum up of what happened is as follows:

  1. I took a few friends to my home town for break.
  2. We went out to some crazy parties and had a bunch of fun.
  3. I played the whole “I don’t have a curfew” card.
  4. So I got in really late, like really late.
  5. I walked in the door as my parents walked out.
  6. I got in trouble.
  7. I was forced to clean the yard.
  8. Thus I was forced to dig up trees and move them.
  9. And because my grandma was evil, after I moved it she made me move it back.
  10. I was sore for the entire week, haha but I still went out though.

*Still Misbehaving*


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So as I posted last time I was in some major trouble, or so I thought. Its been a few days and I have yet to be called in to talk to the RD (Resident Director.) Normally an infraction of that nature would require that I be disciplined ASAP, but I guess not. Seeing as I didn’t get in trouble I figured I should make a list of steps I took that made this wondrous miracle occur.

  1. I didn’t take part in the consumption of alcohol.
  2. When caught, I didn’t panic.
  3. Also when caught I didn’t give a guilty look.
  4. I didn’t argue about what was happening.
  5. I told them what was going on and stuck to that story.
  6. I gave my information with out lying or considering it.
  7. I left as soon as they took my information down.
  8. I got away from there as soon as possible.
  9. I told someone with authority that I wasn’t drunk.
  10. And finally I let it go, thus I stopped worrying.

Ok so that is my list, it may not be helpful but its there. I am not saying you should follow it to the “T” but you should avoid being in the situation in the first place.

*Don’t make the same mistake*


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A good mascot has the ability to involve the entire audience in cheering on their team. A bad mascot is afraid to look ridiculous. A good mascot has the ability to adopt a completely different identity. A bad mascot sits on their butt the entire game. But a great mascot realizes their worth and gets an even pay (I wish.) So I recently decided to come out and admit that I Emily (…) was the Adams State Grizzly for the fall of 2009. However due to not so reasonable pay I resigned. This is more of a haha I can tell people now post but all the same here is it. Enjoy these pictures of me becoming the spirit of ASC.


*Me getting in the suit, I had to wear a swim cap so my hair didn’t get caught.
File1 016
*The admissions office messing around, fyi there is a plastic nose in my mouth…
File1 019
*Sexy Bear!!!
File1 025

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