Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan

Our Mission

Computing Services exists to support the achievement of ASU’s Mission, Vision and Institutional Goals by providing reliable, secure, trusted and cost effective technology systems, support and solutions.

Our Vision

IT will be used as an “enabler,” in concert with other campus resources, to create an efficient, collaborative and welcoming campus learning and working environment for its many constituents.

Our Values

Our work will be guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to:

  • Acceptance– we respect people and are committed to understanding and supporting each other.
  • Customer Service– we believe our customers, both internal and external, deserve the best services and support that we can provide.
  • Communication– we strive to have intentional discussions and share knowledge and information, which we believe will foster openness and collaboration throughout our department and the campus community.
  • Appreciation– we value the hard work and dedication of our staff and strive to recognize strong performance.
  • Humor– we believe that an atmosphere of levity, done respectfully, fosters cooperation and improved working relationships.
  • Fairness– we are committed to treating each other fairly which, with time and dedication, will deepen and strengthen our trust in each other.
  • Accountability– we strive to complete all of our work assignments on time and to the best of our abilities.
  • Intention– we believe that people generally work with the best interests of our department and the University in mind.
  • Innovation– we value technology, continual education and the freedom to innovate and use creative thinking to solve challenges in our daily work.
  • Integrity– we value ethical and responsible behavior as we perform our duties for the University and strive to operate professionally at all times.

Overview of IT at Adams State University

There are four key components of the IT landscape at ASU.

  • Infrastructure and Core Services– These are the critical services that Computing Services provides that are essential for campus functions. These include systems such as Banner, Wired and Wireless networking, Helpdesk and Support Services, and telephone services. The maintenance and updating of these services makes up a significant portion of the work done by Computing Services. For a full list of services offered, please refer to our Service Catalog.
  • Academic Instructional Technology– Academic and instructional technology services and support are provided by the Academic Instructional Technology Center (AITC). The mission of the Academic Instructional Technology Center (AITC) serves to support the instructional technology needs of all faculty for both online and classroom instruction. The Center acts as the helpdesk technical support for all students and faculty using the institutionally supported technologies for online, hybrid and supplemental courses.
  •  Operational Innovations– Computing Services is continually evaluating services and implementing innovative technologies to gain efficiency, improve performance, increase security and improve automation of our existing infrastructure and core services.
  • Campus Engagement– Computing Services aims to partner with campus constituents to identify new technologies and systems and transformative changes to existing services. The IT Governance structure at ASU, through the “Technology Research and Implementation Process” is instrumental in working with the campus to identify, research and prioritize potential technology projects and systems that align with the ASU Mission, Vision and Strategic goals.

IT Strategic Planning at Adams State University

Computing Services groups strategic objectives and goals along the four key components. We further identify our objectives by three buckets: Run (Keep the lights on), Grow (Operational/Performance Improvements in existing processes/services), Transform (New products and services). This delineation helps us understand the types of improvement we expect from each objective.

IT Strategic Plan 2016-2020

Tracking Progress toward the Strategic Plan- IT Project Portfolio Management

Quarterly, Computing Services will publish updated visual charts showing progress on the portfolio of projects being worked on by our staff.

2017 First Quarter Updates

Banner Team

Systems Administration Team

Network/Telecom Team

Support Services Team

2017 Second Quarter Updates

Banner Team

Systems Administration Team

Network/Telecom Team

Support Services Team

Technology Research and Implementation Proposals (TRIP)

To better assist the campus with the process of investigating a new technology project, the IT Governance Committee has developed the Technology Research and Implementation Proposal (TRIP) process. This process and supporting policy utilize shared governance models and collaboration with Computing Services and the Academic Instructional Technology Center to facilitate thorough research and investigation into options when considering a new technology implementation and also coordinates with the ASU Budget Office for proposals that request institutional funding. The IT Governance Committee oversees the entire TRIP process from initial inquiry, research, prioritization and IT Project Portfolio Management.

In Progress TRIPs (updates as of August 2017)

TRIP Policy and Flowchart (approved April 2017)

TRIP Overview Presentation

Form to submit a TRIP