What we’ve been doing lately on the Web

It’s been a busy summer for Creative Relations (formally the Communications Office)!

On the web site we’ve created over 100 degree maps for all majors and emphases, and we’ve incorporated them into the individual academic sites.  These degree maps chart the course progression a student needs to follow for each semester in order to graduate with a particular degree.  If you need to point students to them, the link to the degree maps is located in the black box of each academic site’s navigation.  Since the degree maps are built within our responsive design framework (and are not simply uploaded pdfs), students can access them fairly easily from a mobile device as well.

We’ve also been working with Scott Travis in Facilities to re-design the Facilities web site.  He and his staff have provided us with great content, and we think it’s turned into a really good site.  If you need help updating your site for the new school year, please email me with your new content.  You usually don’t need a lot of content to make a good update – a few short paragraphs or bulleted lists work great. We can add the photos and do any editing that you may need!

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