How to Replace a PDF on your site

Are you are in the process of replacing old pdfs on your site?  Here are some tips to make this process easier:

Do Not:

create a new media element if you only want to replace a pdf that you have already uploaded into Bricolage.

Do This Instead:

  1. Rename the new replacement pdf file exactly as you named the old pdf (it helps to always name your pdf files as generically as possible.  This means not using dates within the file name.  For example, name your grant application pdf: “grant-application.pdf”  Do not name the file: “grant-application-2012.pdf”  If you name the file using a specific date, you’ll have to change that file name every year.
  2. Find the media element that has the old pdf, and then upload the new pdf into that same media element.
  3. Publish the media element.
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