Left, Right, Left

Left. Left. Left, Right, Left!

I say enough already! Tired of choosing left-justified-related-media and right-justified-related-media all day? Changed your mind after linking an image and having to start all over? Isn’t there an easier way? There is!

Today we are announcing a new element in Bricolage that will do away with the Left and Right Justified Related media. We are calling it exactly what it is: Image with Content.

image with content alignment inside the element

Change the alignment inside the element.

This new element works exactly the same as the Left/Right Justified Related media (they have served us well) only now you can switch between left and right alignment inside the one element.

We will keep the old Left/Right Justified Related media elements around for a bit while editors make the transition.

We still recommend you use images that are 200px wide or less if you are wanting lists and link lists to align beside images. Wider images up to 400px work great with the Related Image element.

See an online tutorial on the “Image with Content” element.

As always, contact the Communications Office with questions regarding the new element, Bricolage or your website.

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