Announcing: Creative Relations

The department formerly known as Communications has a new name: Creative Relations. A division of Enrollment Management, we offer a variety of media production services for both internal and external audiences, including:

  • Consultation and production services for web content and print media
  • Support of university advertising and marketing efforts
  • Facilitating maintenance and oversight of central university social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

Creative Relations staff includes Director Mark Schoenecker, Graphic Designer Amy Kucera, Web Content Specialist Jen Stoughton, Web Applications Developer Mike Henderson, and Print Shop Manager Peggy Dunn.

Media relations continue to be handled by Julie Waechter and Linda Relyea, now in the Department of Institutional Advancement, reporting to President Svaldi.

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Mobile Traffic

Here is the mobile and tablet traffic for the website, first day of class:

August 23rd 2010
Mobile 2.69%

August 22nd 2011
Mobile 7.61%

August 20th 2012
Mobile 9.47%
Mobile and Tablet 12.51%

August 19th 2013
Mobile 16.88%
Mobile and Tablet 21.9%


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Convert your web images to sRGB in Photoshop

Mike and I learned something new about Photoshop today – when saving your images in “Save for Web,” it’s best to select the “Convert to sRGB” checkbox:


This will keep your images looking vibrant when displayed in all browsers.  If you don’t, your images may appear desaturated/washed-out when viewed online.

Find out more about why it’s best to use sRGB for your web images.


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Linking Tips

1.  For email Links:  Always type “mailto:” in front of your email addresses.  The format should look like this:


Get more info on email links

2.  If you are using a link list to link to pages or pdfs that were created within Bricolage, always use the “link to story” or “link to media” elements instead of using external links.  Also, if possible, please try to avoid linking to pages or pdfs from inside a Content Block – use the link list element with the “link to story” or “link to media” elements.

Here’s Why

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Refresh Your Bricolage and Web-Writing Skills

Hi All!

I’ve recently updated the two tutorial sites on Bricolage and web-writing.

During this summer, you may want to go through them again to refresh your knowledge about:
1. How to use our Content Management System
2. How to get your point across on your pages

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