Get your new Campus ID

Greetings from the Student Union Office
This summer we changed our campus ID system. This means all students, staff and faculty will need to get a new ID.
The new system is up and running so if you are on campus this week (Aug 7-11) you may get your new ID during regular business hours.
Please bring your current campus ID or a government issued ID with you. You will be taking a new picture.
It is important for new students and returning students, on a meal plan, to get their card before the meal plan begins on August 19th.
Our office will be very busy making ID’s for new and returning students August 14-25. If you are someone that does NOT need your ID on a daily basis, you may want to wait until after the 25th to get your new ID.
The Campus Card Office is located in Student Union Office 321. For updates on office hours, dependent policies and general information, check the Campus Announcements page or call the Student Union office at 719-587-7961.

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