Chief Justice


Name: Mark Mabry Jr

Grad Year: 2014-15

Major: History & Political Science

Hometown: Benson AZ

Hobbies and interests: Fishing, camping, reading, & brewing

Other Leadership roles: Member of SAAC, President of Pi Gamma Mu and Pi Sigma Alpha honor societies

Why did you join AS&F: To gain leadership experience and help improve the Adams State community

What are your goals for AS&F: To represent the many voices of Adams State University and ensure that the campus remains a thriving educational institution

Office Hours




Job Desciption

  • Fulfill secretary responsibilities in the case of his/her absence
  • Jurisdiction on any disputes arising from interpretations of the AS&F Constitution and Bylaws
  • Required to attend all meetings
  • 6 hours per week over at least 3 days
  • Day to day operations including: answering phones, returning emails in a timely fashion, being available for walk-in student concerns or questions, maintaining cleanliness and organization of office, maintaining judicial records in a central location as well as soft copies (including updated constitution and bylaws packets.)

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