Club Graduation Cord Colors


Cords Color

ACDA                                                                     Maroon and Gold
ACME Red and Gold
Adams Atoms            Red and Gold
Art League Orange and Gold
ASC Hip Hop Dance/Step Club  
ASSNA Copper and Gold
Cheerleading Teal and Gold
Club Sports Council Teal and Gold
Circle K Lime Green and Gold
Diversity and Multicultural  
Education Club Light Blue and Gold
JACMA         Maroon and Gold
LDSSA Lime Green
MENC Maroon and Gold
Mock Trial Grey and Gold
Model UN Grey and Gold
Newman Club Lime Green and Gold
Parnaso Purple and Gold
PBL Navy Blue and Gold
Poker Club  
PSI CHI Royal Blue and Gold
Psychology Club Royal blue and Gold
Semillas de la Tierra  
TRI BETA Red and Gold
Senate Dark Green and Gold

3 thoughts on “Club Graduation Cord Colors”

  1. I don’t see Pacioli on your club list. We are interested in having graduation cords. How do we go about getting them?

    Thank you,

    Jeanie O’Laughlin
    Faculty Advisor, Pacioli

    1. Hi Jeanie,

      Thank you for your commenct and for discovering the error that Pacioli is not on the club list. I have sent an email out to all AS&F to send me updated information for the club list, and will be fixing this error and updating other information on the club list by next Friday.

      In regards to graduation cords, clubs generally have the freedom to choose their own colors. However, there are colors that are typically used by different types of organizations; business organizations are typically royal blue, but it does not have to be this way. Your club gets to choose their own color. In addition, all clubs purchase their own cords; AS&F does not fund cords since they are tangible. We post cord colors to help clubs ensure that their cords will vary from other clubs and also so that the commencement committee can print these in graduation materials. If you do end up purchasing cords, just let me know what colors they are so that we can post Pacioli’s as well. There are many websites to purchase cords, here are just a couple that other organizations have used in the past:,

      I hope that this was helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thank you,
      Jeni Carter
      Program Assistant

      1. Jeni,
        Thank you for your reply. We will get on this right away as we have a couple of students graduating in December. I really appreciate how helpful you have been in the Senate meetings. I had heard many horror stories about Senate, but have found just the opposite to be true.

        Thanks again,


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