The LC

Leadership Collaboratives

Early in the semester, we will establish small groups of 3 or 4 students who will collaborate on specific class assignments.  We will call these groups Leadership Collaboratives (LC’s).  I encourage you to spend time hanging out with and getting to know the members of your LC better.  Together you will work as a team on the following two assignments.


Leadership Lens: TED:Ideas worth watching

The LC will choose a TED theme and focus on identifying and critically analyzing the leadership aspects as well as the leadership themes, theories, situations, etc. in the talks related to that theme.  Each member will be responsible for focusing on a specific talk and then writing a 2 – 3 page paper on his/her given aspect of the talk.  The group will get back together, share what they have each written, discuss the talks and their papers, and make any edits to their papers based on the discussion.  The LC should then collect their papers and turn them in together.  Further details of this assignment are provided in the handout on the course website.


Leadership Laboratory


Leadership theory is foundational to a deeper understanding of the motivations and processes of leadership, but at its very core, leadership is an active endeavor – leaders do stuff!  In this assignment, just like in Chemistry lab, you will utilize the theories that you have learned and test them in a hands-on environment.  The heart of this project will be a service activity designed, chosen, or identified and carried out (a minimum of 10 hours service required) by your LC.  You will use this activity to observe leadership in action and to critically analyze and assess the applicability and validity of the leadership theories and approaches you have learned in class.  The assignment will culminate in presentation by the LC at the end of the semester.  Further details of this assignment are provided in the handout on the course website.

Aqua- Chelsea, Chance, Cody

Green- Marissa, Jessica, Britt

Orange-Maddi, Ashley, Emily